Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Keyboard Builders' Digest / Column / Inspiration


Keeblurk set

A laser etched custom low-profile MCC set: Keeblurk by keeblurk.

OutHorse Your Email

Icelandic horses happily typing on a big tailor-made keyboard...

Prism controller

WunWae's Prism is a uniquely shaped input device meant to be a gaming controller.


PD_DECK is a hot macropad by Monksoffunk primarily to control Lightroom.

First Hummingbird of the season

A wireless Hummingbird by filibustercrankcase sporting a Seeeduino Xiao BLE controller.


An interesting layout concept by oy2r of Metakey: TENET 70% keyboard kit.

Modelo 96

Modelo 96 – a custom ortholinear PCB by TillerCPE in a Melody 96 case.

Ortho Protozoa P02

smellycoat made an ortholinear PCB to fit a Protozoa P02 case – with a giant knob.

Yamada Willow

Daraku-Neko's Yamada Willow is a monoblock split with the Willow layout and an ambidextrous numpad.

TiPY one-handed keyboard

TiPY Keyboard's weird one-handed contraption is actually flippable.

Carved case 2

A gorgeous wooden keyboard case by Breakwood with meticulously carved and gold plated solid copper insets.

Wooden cyberdeck

Combining woodworking with electronics, mw33212 made a walnut cyberdeck with a cheap foldable keyboard.

Interchangeable tops

Keycaps with interchangeable tops posted by hunghingdailo.

Assembling 100.000 switches per day

Muilkinginuk posted a video of the assembly line at TTC(?) manufacturing 100 thousand switches per day.

Ceramic keycaps

HydrakeyCeramic introduces new ceramic keycaps.

Dyed... everything!

Custom dyed cable parts voxels-box – all to match an artisan.

Mason60 - Art Series

Sneak peek into how the Mason60 keyboard cases and wrist rests are made.

Inflated keycaps

You can air-type on these inflated keycaps by Running Guy Studio.


Suika's Cisne is a cool 40% monoblock with 5% tenting.


A clean ultra-low profile ortho split design by @ak1_foo – with Kailh X-switches and only 7.3mm overall height.

Dygma "OLKB"

Dygma announced a new columnarly staggered split keyboard model.

Minimizing finger movement

Two board concepts that minimize finger movement and use CircuitPython by SouthPawEngineer.

Brazen Studio's keyboard cases

Brazen Studio's Ian published some photos of their experimental gypsum/resin and cement/resin cases.

Onehand -- a one-handed keyboard

SouthPawEngineer's Onehand is a creatively named accessible keyboard with five-way switches.

Hakkei HX-S1 keyboard

A classy detachable split prototype with slightly scooped case/plate.