Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Keyboard Builders' Digest / Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Thanks to all the fantastic people who supported this project at any of it's stages, namely:, u/chad3814, Jeremy Kitchen, AikenJG, anonymous, @keebio, anonymous, @kaleid1990, cornbreadninja, u/motfalcon, Eugenie V, sebastian siggerud, ajoflo, Timo, cdc, kiyejoco, Jim, u/rooski15, anonymous,, Bob Cotton, anonymous, @entropyfanatic, anonymous, @adafruit, opendna, Jose Almeida, anonymous, @neocsr, dehoye, anonymous, Keyhive, anonymous, Brickbots, Hannes Rahm, u/chrispydelivers, @R_i_b_a, siriximi, faso, _qdw_, Holy_Foot_Fingers, Timo, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, Jens, Micho, muppetjones, Aleks, Mark, @focusaurus, Click! Clack! Hack!, FK caps, tyler walker, Noah Smith, Keith, James Erickson, Sadek Baroudi, u/Akura_Awesome, fpazos, anonymous, xebaxupuko, Ben, Chris Smith, anonymous, anonymous, Nancy Xia, SharktasticA, @icystorm, gefelile, @danielcormier, anonymous, Ryan Osborne, Davidjohn Gerena, Keenan, jijepu, anonymous

Special thanks to:

  • kaleid1990 - my first ever supporter and member,
  • chad3814 - who gave the project an extra kick,
  • Jeremy Kitchen - my first 2nd level member ("patron"),
  • - my first 3rd level member ("fanatic patron").