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Issue 14 / Week 7 / 2021

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This is my usual hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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Left-handed Minidox with case STL

A [[|handwired Minidox]] for gaming by useallthewasabi. With [[|pics]] and destiniboy3's [[|case]]. (more)

A Preonic clone with custom PCB

A 3D printed backlit [[|Preonic clone]] by squeezeonein with open source [[|PCB]].

LEGO supported PCB-mount board

A [[|PCB-mount board]] with LEGO as frame and support by alinelena. ([[|Open source PCB.]])

trochee - a 8x8 keyboard

The [[|trochee]] is a 8x8 keyboard designed by porkostomus for one-handed use ([[|git]]).

Inkkeys: an e-ink macropad

The [[|inkkeys]] is a dynamically assignable macropad project with e-ink screen by DiConX ([[|video]], [[|docs]], [[|git]]).

64-key split

This [[|64-key split]] by SKZBadHabit features a pointing stick/trackball ([[|gallery]]).

3D-printed gasket-mount case

A 3D-printed [[|gasket-mount case]] for the YC66 by RogerArbogast ([[|STLs]]).

Trackball companion for split keyboards

[[|Ploopy:]] a ball-only trackball companion for split keyboards by crop_octagon ([[|docs]]).

Dactylria: a Dactyl ManuForm fork

[[|Dactylria]] - a Dactyl ManuForm fork with thumbs inspired by Kyria and Keyboardio Model 01 by jchendy with source ([[|git]]).

Grandiceps with black pill

The [[|Grandiceps]] is a black pill based split by vattern78 ([[|git]]).


Shark's New Model M review

A review of the [[|new Model M]] by SharktasticA ([[|article]], [[|typing demo]]).

Tips & Tricks

Unicode in QMK

Dealing with [[|Unicode in QMK]] revealed by mikefettis.

QMK's sound features

Help with [[|QMK startup sounds]] by psychephylax.

Luna - a QMK keyboard pet

[[|Luna]] is a QMK keyboard pet by HellSingCoder reacting to your typing speed and same layer states ([[|video]], [[|git]]).

Tripod-tented Torn

This nice through-hole split [[|Torn build]] by bromanko ([[|git]]) features mini tripods for tenting ([[|gallery]]).

DIY silicone dampening

[[|Silicone dampening pad]] by dailysetuptech ([[|video]]).

Elite-C holder PCB

[[|Elite-C holder PCB]] for Dactyl-like cases with audio jack, M4 screw holes, reset button, RGB output by Fmcraft ([[|git]]).


Various sound tests

This is a list of 8 sound tests published this week in a single megapack. (more)


IBM 3276 Beam Spring

A restored and modded [[|IBM 3276 Beam Spring]] keyboard with USB and a wooden palm rest by madhias ([[|gallery]], [[|sound]]).

Commodore G80-0530

[[|Commodore G80-0530]] posted by Str0hkopf ([[|some close-ups]]).

IBM 3178 C1 mod

An [[|IBM 3178 C1]] USB Chungus edition ft. Solenoid by drake9800.

Heath Computer Systems

[[|Heath keyboard.]] A thrift store find by mman426.

Cherry G80-1800

[[|Cherry G80-1800]] by countkrzysztof.

Keyboard Spotting

Clueboard 2x1800 Toy edition

[[|Clueboard 2x1800 Toy edition]] with Buger TH01 posted by Gracelberrypie.


Memphis 25

The [[|Memphis 25]] is a macropad by nickkallen with integrated [[|SpaceMouse]] and USB hub ([[|GH thread]]).

In progress

Concertina MX first draft print

[[|Concertina MX first draft print]] by BHRobots. Based on VIktor Eikman's [[|Concertina]], adapted to fit MX switches.

112% handwired ortho

A [[|112% handwired ortho]] in progress. The 6x20 BOP (Big Ortho Project) by bread-mayo-ham-bacon.

Magnetic switch

Another [[|magnetic switch]] design, this time by UFIOES. Based on the [[|AT&T switch]].

Custom board on glossed wenge

A [[|custom board]] on some glossed wenge wood by priceT00High.