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Issue 144 / Week 46 / 2023

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 8+6 entries in this issue:


Behind the scenes #144

Last hours to join the giveaway, quick news, top secret project.


Starship Bubu & OmegaSupreme

Protieusz shared a standalone trackball along with an open-source trackball module: Starship Bubu-01 and OmegaSupreme.


Kazik is a cute 30% keyboard by monokēēbs – with versatile PCB, XIAO RP2040, and Japanese duplex matrix!


Sebastian Stumpf's Swepp is a splayed Sweep, a split keyboard with 34 keys.


Tarneo shared a small and portable sub-10x10 cm ergo split called Triboard.

Allium58 by Beekeeb

Beekeeb's Leo announced Allium58, a low-pro split based on the Lily58 Pro.


NKEY magazine

Created by graphic design student Nate Kearney, NKEY is a print magazine concept with some interviews as its backbone.

Tips & Tricks


Magnetic case and tenting for the Sweep keyboard: Msweep by Runningtarrens.

Quick news

Typioca is a terminal based typing speed tester created by Lukas Bloznelis.

A filterable list of splits by YellowAfterlife.

3D: A custom Zaphod case by llpamies.

AccidentalRebel combined the two halves of a Velvet case and added more keys: UniVelvet44.

Closed source or N/A: Majin Drift, a 68-key split designed by Timeception with the Thai alphabet in mind. A one-MCU Dactyl by samodostal. A parametric monoblock created via CadQuery by mryndrzionek. A big low-pro ortho by slayerkitten13.

Weekly Diderot-effect: zord is an artisan toy case by Min Khant Kyaw.

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