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Issue 152 / Week 4 / 2024

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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Behind the scenes #152

Keyboard projects, quick news, in the mailbox, meetups, new vendors and discount codes!


Lynx CAT

The Lynxware CAT is a set of split input devices built with mouse switches, open sourced by Ape_Devil of Lynxware.


DreaM117er shared his MagWave44, a Dactyl Skeleton derivative ergo split with magnetic tenting.


Penk Chen's Rasti64 is a 64-key, low-profile board sporting the author's custom keycap set.

Ocreeb MK2

Salim Benbouziyane shared the files of his Ocreeb MK2, a modular macropad system exploring the idea of a custom magnetic connector that lets you attach all sorts of external modules.


Andrea Varotto shared the files of his Cornepad, a unibody keyboard with a numpad in the center.


Sally is a 3D printed split keyboard with a staggered Alice-like layout – designed by keeb_carving.


The manifold is a handwired keyboard in a 3D printed IBM SSK-like case. Designed by _galile0.


Joe Scotto made a streamdeck: the ScottoDeck is handwired and diodeless.


Takashi shared the Gerbers of his Snowflake macropad.

Doom keycap

Brostafarian open sourced the keycap that plays Doom.

Quick news

Altair and Altair-X by ai03. Pretty common split layouts in a much less common alu case, gasket mounting and plate/foam stack – at least in the split scene.

New low-pro keycaps by Tai-Hao? The profile looks cylindrical like MCC but with MX stem. At least mounted on MX caps in all the photos I've seen, but the caption says "MX/Choc".

Handwired: a one-handed keyboard for the Taipo layout by u/hadybaal, and Jocon 36, a gaming pad by u/Fickle_perceptions.

Closed source: Lunch Money is a cheap trough-hole split by Syphin and UpperDecker. The designers are looking for international distributors.

WIP: a monoblock Le Chiffre/Cornelius mashup by ADreamOfStorms. And the split Staggersaurus by awesome-ice.

Keyboarddweebs's Alex is giving away one-handed keyboards to anyone with a disability who needs one. These are 8-key Octoplus Trios with artsyio layout.

Scratchy factor: RTINGS not just tested smoothness for 100+ switches, but did it as objectively as they could. Article + video. It turns out that the perception of smoothness is affected by sound as well.

Siupermann combined techniques of the Japanese Washi art with keyboards (source).

A Chiffre+ posted by Monkeycrunk. Satin finish case made of raw brass.

NotFormSam's Trigon with its modular wrist rest is an interesting concept: "personalize with color chips and middle name badges".

Bloodwood endgrain Choc by u/con_work.

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