Keyboard Builders' Digest

Issue 23 / Week 16 / 2021

There are 22 entries in this issue.

This is a hand-picked selection of posts that may teach you something about designing and building your own custom keyboard.

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Behind the Scenes of Issue 23

Development journal: Behind the scenes of Issue 23, personal favorites, LED power consumption trial breakthrough, Azimuth46-6 teaser with photos! (more)


The Thock #12 with Erin

Host Vogon talks to Erin / FistfulOfPaintballs – enthusiast, moderator and one of the ladies in our community.


Squeezebox Keyboard

Squeezebox keyboard by focusaurus. With customizable column offsets and practically two home rows. (more)

The 00Key

The 00Key is a 75% keyboard and lockdown project by debeb with exposed through-hole components and open source PCB. (more)

Zaphod: 34-key unibody split

The Zaphod is a 34-key, wireless, low profile unibody split by petejohanson. (more)

Membrane turned into mechanical

A membrane Razer Marauder turned into a mechanical keyboard by cosmin_c. With photolog and typing test. (more)

Dactyl manuform 4x5 skeleton

A WIP Dactyl manuform 4x5 skeleton edition by Prestigious-Cookie42. (more)

Unnamed monoblock

An unnamed monoblock split keyboard by UmmUhhhShit. (more)

Wooden, handwired

A wooden, handwired keyboard project by ketcha_. (more)

Unnamed handwired build

Another unnamed handwired build, this time by vanquishings. (more)


Everglide Aqua/Water King V3

Video review on the Everglide Aqua/Water King V3 by svizify. (more)

Gateron Golden Cap Browns vs Gateron Browns

Gateron Browns vs Gateron Golden Cap Browns – a review by Clari72_arielle.

Everglide Aqua King v3 (another)

Everglide Aqua King v3 switch video review by JunKeebs. (more)

Tips & Tricks

Map your hand geometry!

This is a quick method to determine key locations customized for your hand geometry. Committed by NCC17O1. (more)

Southpaw Micro

The Southpaw Micro is a 100% Pro Micro compatible controller (all pins are in the right spot) with 7 extra pins by SouthPawEngineer.

Weipu SA12

The Weipu SA12 is a push-pull connector alternative I wasn't aware of. Posted by mechanikey_. (more)


Sound test compilation #10

This is a list of 10 sound tests published this week in a single megapack. (more)

Keyboard Spotting

Alcatel-Lucent rescued from the junk pile

Alcatel-Lucent rescued from the junk pile by porkyminch.

Mitsubishi Topre short-throw

Mitsubishi Topre short-throw posted by Buzanoff. (more)


One Sol-20 fixed by bushnrvn (one more to go). (more)

1975 Kansas State Network Character Generator

1975 Kansas State Network Character Generator posted by HerbalNekoTea. (more)


Sol 3 with capacitive touchbars

Sol 3 with two capacitive touchbars, and plenty of RGB by RGBKB. (more)