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Issue 68 / Week 10 / 2022

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 14 entries in this issue:


Behind the Scenes of Issue 68

Refugee crisis, visit at the border, donation options, February stats, new acquisitions, one more extreme keyboard connector.



Krikun's fork of Joric's Jorne features space invader switches.

Chonky Palmtop

The Chonky Palmtop by Daniel Norris is a cyberdeck with an integrated Corne.


The Monolith, designed by u/sincerelyredcape, is built around an industrial grade encoder – and weights 15kg...


OK35 is a split ortholinear keyboard designed by u/Y2ff – with exposed through-hole diodes arranged nicely at the top.


Drop Holy Panda X

u/ThereminGoat reviews Drop's Holy Panda X switch, manufactured by Gateron.

Tips & Tricks

Folding tenting feet

A 3D printable folding tenting feet design posted by u/MohnJaddenPowers.

3D printable standoff

Will Winder shared his 3D printable standoff / spacer design.

Tiny2040 controller

Tiny 2040 is another RP2040-based development board, this time by Pimoroni.

Keyboard Spotting

Rockwell AIM-65

Rockwell AIM-65 with a built-in keyboard and a 20-character display, released in 1978.

Noritsu Z025892-01

Dedicated macropad of various Noritsu Digital Minilabs.

Velotype Pro

Not the usual monoblock split: the Velotype Pro is actually a chorded keyboard.



Suika's Cisne is a cool 40% monoblock with 5% tenting.

Inflated keycaps

You can air-type on these inflated keycaps by Running Guy Studio.

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