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Issue 8 / Week 1 / 2021

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There are 25 entries in this issue:


Lumberjack: a 60% ortho

Lumberjack is an open source 60% ortho PCB by peejeh.

Solar ErgoDox (ErgoBlue v2)

ErgoBlue v2: A solar powered ErgoDox by Synergii with build log.

Dactyl with Corne thumb clusters

This Dactyl Manuform by rthee features Corne-like thumb cluster and comes with STL files.


Pteron56: Alexander's handwired build is based on FSund's design. Some new plates added to the project.

Wireless Dactyl Manuform

Wireless Dactyl Manuform build by lkong with photolog.

Converting a Reuters 3000

Converting a Reuters keypad with excellent documentation by Beaverman.

Reviung39 case

A case for a Reviung39 by sadekbaroudi with STL file.

A fixed-angle split from plywood

AM96: a monoblock split from plywood by berkstone with Easel files.

Plate and case for Lily58

DXF plate and case files for Lily58 by jordi_id7.

Single button keyboard

1u keyboard by onebigdoor using snipeye's Uno macropad. With pics and case STL.

Rechargable numpad mod

pointless-nerd modded a numpad/calculator with a battery pack and charger (photolog).


A keyboard put into a skateboard with photolog by yehsper.


The effect of filming on three boards

This video by Crizzaz investigates the effect of filming on three keyboards.

Tips & Tricks

Cable coiling recipe

A cable coiling recipe by Heespharm.

Switch PCB footprints

These switch PCB footprints by Tweetydabirdie are not new but came up in this week's comments.

Popular ergonomic logical layouts

Here are some popular ergonomic logical layouts.

Upside down Planck

Algae_farmer runs his Planck EZ upside down to have all 1u keys on the bottom row.

Screwless case with magnets

This teaser by typemaster_works gives you an idea how to make a screwless mounting with magnets.

3D printed caps

3D printed keycaps with lots of useful info in the comments.

Keyboard Spotting

Family Basic HCV-007

pixelcast took some shots while disassembling the Family Basic HCV-007.

Converted Kawasaki 50818-1013R00

A Kawasaki 50818-1013R00 converted by Kojirou_Sasahara.


Keyboards recessed into the desktop

The question of keyboards recessed into the desktop raised by LipsLikeCrispyBacon, and some immediate warnings.

Chocolate Bar

The love child of a 40% and a 1800. The Chocolate Bar by toastedmangoes.

Dovetail case

Dovetail case design by Harke_KB with pics and the secret.

Self-aligning 3D gaskets

A self-aligning 3D gasket posted by machine0.

Discussion over at r/mk!