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Issue 85 / Week 27 / 2022

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 9 entries in this issue:


Behind the Scenes of Issue 85

Cherokee MBK Myth and MelGeek Mojo 84 in the mailbox, 50+ discounts with dedicated page, meetup database, still in holiday mode.


Ghoul keybooard

The Ghoul by u/tzarc is a Planck-like ortho but also a development board for QMK.


The SatPad (formerly: Cupcake) is an open-source 30% ortholinear keyboard/macropad designed by u/quirk.


Weteor's 34-key Tipper-TF is a split unibody BLE keyboard with splay and e-ink display.

Apple M0110 case

u/SimonAchton designed, printed and shared a beautiful Apple M0110 case replica for 60% keyboard PCBs.


Meet Danny Nguyen

There's an interview with Keebio's Danny on the blog.

Visiting GMK

Oblotzky's write-up on visiting GMK's new production facility.

Tips & Tricks

Apex 7 in 1 switch

This rotary encoder is also a 5-way switch – posted by u/henrebotha.

Keyboard Spotting

Tesla Consul 259.6

A Tesla Consul 259.6 keyboard from a Soviet mainframe computer terminal – restored and posted by u/chernobyl_dude

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