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Quantum Painter tutorial

How to add Quantum Painter/color LCD to (almost) any QMK keyboard – a tutorial by Esse Woods aka OakNinja .

QMK RGB Matrix configuration

The focus of Sadek Baroudi's tutorial is how to properly configure RGB Matrix especially for non-trivial ergo keyboards with angles and column stagger.

Why on earth should a keyboard do that?

Nick Brassel (@tzarc), one of QMK’s Directors, wasn’t satisfied with keyboards only having switches and an indicator LED or three.

How to detect host OS in QMK

A clever way to automatically detect host OS in QMK based on USB setup pockets – shared by kapji.

Caps Word and other QMK tips

A QMK keymap with short blog posts by Mental_General_5445 explaining tricks like autocorrection, Caps Word, getting Shift keys right, etc.

Unicode in QMK

Dealing with Unicode in QMK revealed by mikefettis.

QMK's sound features

Help with QMK startup sounds by psychephylax.

Luna - a QMK keyboard pet

Luna is a QMK keyboard pet by HellSingCoder reacting to your typing speed and same layer states (video, git).

QMK debounce masterclass

QMK contributor x34l explains different debounce algorithms and shares some of his measurements.