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Takashi shared the Gerbers of his Snowflake macropad.

Ergo Mech Fan Art

Philip Lalonde writes about fan art: mashing up the graphic design and keyboard hobbies to create new ways to stare at beautiful keyboards.

NKEY magazine

Created by graphic design student Nate Kearney, NKEY is a print magazine concept with some interviews as its backbone.


Gleb Sabirzyanov made and sells a single piece of Deathpad, a one-of-a-kind macropad with 9 keys at the hearth of a death metal inspired case.

Apple Ergo Mech Keyboard

Apple ergo split mechanical keyboard? No, not that Apple. JMAWWorks carved this beautiful case out of curly apple wood.

Gboard bar

The Gboard bar is the result of Google Japan's latest brainstorm.


Waitier is a stacked PCB one-key macropad by @yynmt_.

Skateboard keyboard

A wooden keyboard case made out of old skateboard decks – by ansedehenle.

Got Milk?

Got Milk? - an artistic 3D printed case/plate test run by QDP2D.

Forged carbon keycaps

Something different: forged carbon keycaps by GalaxKeys.

Keeblurk set

A laser etched custom low-profile MCC set: Keeblurk by keeblurk.

Cast aluminum keyboard case

earth_hair made a moon-themed cast aluminum keyboard case for a design and manufacturing class.

OutHorse Your Email

Icelandic horses happily typing on a big tailor-made keyboard…

Colorful silk screen

PCBBuy is experimenting with a colorful soldermask printing method and shared some photos of the results.

Truchet tiles

Random Truchet tiles on your PCB's silk screen.

Morningstar PCB art

Astra's Morningstar is a cute Pro Micro based, hotswap, 40% ergonomic unibody keyboard with a little glowing LED star in it.

Severance terminal

On the awesome-looking Lumon Industries terminal and keyboard, a custom prop from Severance with cool vintage vibe.

Carved case 2

A gorgeous wooden keyboard case by Breakwood with meticulously carved and gold plated solid copper insets.

Mason60 - Art Series

Sneak peek into how the Mason60 keyboard cases and wrist rests are made.

Inflated keycaps

You can air-type on these inflated keycaps by Running Guy Studio.

Leather keycaps

Ataruno is working on various keycaps made of leather.

2001 vs 2010 - A Story in Keyboards

Wyvyrn reflects on keyboards in movies 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Brazen Studio's keyboard cases

Brazen Studio's Ian published some photos of their experimental gypsum/resin and cement/resin cases.

Os eruditio

Signynt's heavily tented case for the Keebio Levinson, dubbed Os eruditio, was inspired by the organic shapes of bones.


A lobster-themed open-source Sweep/Ferris derivative by Jim Merricks White.