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The wireless vertical split Clavert is a handwired keyboard by stvneads.


The Fulcrum is a 20-key keyboard with horizontal 5-way switch joysticks – designed by ghostfaceschiller.

ScyllaBallz Rev 2.5

ScyllaBallz Rev 2.5 by tenstaana – a Skylla on steroids.

Disconnect MK1

The Disconnect MK1 is a pretty unique split by hid:ergo – with a single thumb cluster and trackpad.


Another through-hole keyboard project published by mohoyt: the 40% litle.


Lagom is a through-hole 65% keyboard shared by mojibber.


A 40%(ish) wireless low-pro split called xobdox – designed by Lost_Negotiation_830.

Emblem aka BTA

Tenstaana came up with Emblem aka BTA, another feature-rich monoblock design.


Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by dj_edit.

Soufflé V2

SoufflĂ© V2 is an open-source split keyboard by jcliment – with palm keys.


Ursula is a low-profile 5-column split keyboard by jamesmnw.

Hello Word Smart Keyboard

Peng Zhihui designed a feature-packed modular keyboard with a motor-controlled haptic knob – and a lot more.

Gleb's handwired one

Gleb Sabirzyanov posted his colorful unnamed unibody keyboard.

Low-pro encoder knob

_GEIST_ published his KLOTZ knob for low-profile rotary encoders.


The second keyboard design by _GEIST_: KLOTZ – a 34-key wireless low-pro split.

Apex 7 in 1 switch

This rotary encoder is also a 5-way switch – posted by henrebotha.


The SatPad (formerly: Cupcake) is an open-source 30% ortholinear keyboard/macropad designed by quirk.

Ghoul keybooard

The Ghoul by tzarc is a Planck-like ortho but also a development board for QMK.

LMN-3 synth

The LMN-3 is an open-source DAW-in-a-box by Fundamental Frequency.


Cedutus created Kebu, a new Blackpill ortholinear PCB with multiple layout alternatives including 4 or 5 row options.

Rocksolid prototype

Rocksolid is a collab between tenstaana and a mashup of their Chunky and Rock on keyboards.


A 4x10 ortho with a rotary encoder and LCD: freaku4X by sporewoh.


Aki27's cocot46plus is a monoblock angled mechanical keyboard with a beefy 34mm trackball, rotary encoder, and OLED display.


PD_DECK is a hot macropad by Monksoffunk primarily to control Lightroom.

Ortho Protozoa P02

smellycoat made an ortholinear PCB to fit a Protozoa P02 case – with a giant knob.