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Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy is an ergo artsey keyboard by GrO3veman.

Addams by KBDcraft

KBDcraft released Addams, a LEGO-compatible numpad as a versatile companion for the widely popular Adams kit.


Ming-Gih Lam published the ArtPad, a double-purpose macropad and artisan tray in one.

BLE HEX macropad

Piotr Wilk published a small BLE macropad sporting HEX keycaps.


kowgary16 is a low-profile ortholinear macropad by sporewoh.

Stress fightpad

GrO3veman designed an arcade fight pad dubbed Stress.


A tiny Choc-spaced macropad with encoder – Narfpad by ADreamOfStorms.


DOLCHpad is a 10-key handwired macropad, shared and SLA-printed by sohke.


SCI-CALC is a wireless mechanical calculator/macropad by techstacknerd.


The Enclave-1 USB hub/macropad by KeyQuest_tech is now open-source.


The SINPAD2 is a 20-key macropad by Count Keepo. With a CCCP missile button.

Lion Head macropad

Kamakura-gū Lion Head macropad by hide-key sporting a XIAO RP2040 controller and encoders.

Art Deco Macropad Case

A Bioshock inspired art deco macropad case by ZackGear.

Christmas ornament keypad

Hide-key's new design is a Christmas ornament shaped macropad with X switches.

Sunflower macropad

Hide-key's another macropad design: Sunflower #001.

SS4H-EK Video Editing Keypad

An open-source, wooden video editing keypad by Sokolsok: the SS4H-EK.


Seili- built a Disorder30, mkylama's macropad design mimicking the 75% look.


Daihuku reports on the meishi2 exhibition hosted by Yushakobo, where 20 business card-sized keyboards were on display.


Waitier is a stacked PCB one-key macropad by @yynmt_.

Split Banana

The wireless Split Banana by dapperrogue is another take on his Banana macropad.


Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by dj_edit.


Beyblock20 – a modular magnetic macropad system by sporewoh.


Keybon is a customizable OLED macropad that adapts to the apps you use – designed by Max.K.

No Faff macropad

No Faff is an open-hardware 24-key macropad with cool backplate art – designed by Kfir.

BOB single-key "keyboard"

An open-source single-key USB keyboard by dr2mod called Big Orange Button.