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Sporewoh is back with yet another monoblock split pocket keyboard: the $5(!) idawgz32.

LYNXware CAT review

The CAT by LYNXware is an incredible input device with a great potential. That said, you'll need some time to get accustomed to the custom software, the terminology, 22 thumb keys – and mouse switches!

Lynx CAT

The Lynxware CAT is a set of split input devices built with mouse switches, open sourced by Ape_Devil of Lynxware.

Lapa keyboard-mouse

Ilya Leonov's Lapa is an ergo split keyboard-mouse.


The Arduino-based Mouseky, designed by Taliyah Huang, has an integrated mouse.

Joystick mouse

A joystick mouse attached to a keyboard – committed by commonCodeMonkey.

My mouse

My mouse is a flexible mouse concept by Andrey Avgust – with low-pro mechanical switches.


Joshua Broekhuijsen's Dichotomy is a mouse-keyboard hybrid.