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Flexible transparent PCB

PCBWay now offers flexible transparent PCBs, based on PET.

The Platform

ZSA announced a new tenting system: the Platform.

How to detect host OS in QMK

A clever way to automatically detect host OS in QMK based on USB setup pockets – shared by kapji.

Joystick mouse

A joystick mouse attached to a keyboard – committed by commonCodeMonkey.

Box switch click muter

bull_nz made 3D printed rubber inserts for clicky switches that kill the down-clack and add pop.

Cirque trackpad news

Cirque trackpad in action, build log, and 3D-printable holders – shared by leo_beekeeb and milkycowdan.

Ergogen PCB testing

Alescito shared his workflow of testing Ergogen layouts by 3D printing them.

Apex 7 in 1 switch

This rotary encoder is also a 5-way switch – posted by henrebotha.

Triple shot keycaps

Making triple shot keycaps at home. A proof-of-concept video by keymacs.

Modular keyboard using rails

WarhammerBueno designed a keyboard with a replaceable numpad – using a unique rail system.

Transparent PCB

PCBBUY experimented with transparent (glass) PCBs.

Transparent hotswap sockets

After colorful ones, Chosfox announced transparent hotswap sockets.

Mineral trackball

Working on the next iteration of his Dactyl, spacecadetAlsoWizard used a sodalite sphere as trackball.

0xCB Pluto

0xCB Pluto is a Pro Micro compatible controller designed by 0xCB-dev.

Improved square matrix

The improved square matrix is actually a round-robin matrix handling the same number of switches – but with less diodes.

Tilted Choc stem

Gurtmail published a 3D-printed tilted stem for Choc keycaps.

Square or round-robin matrix

Let me introduce the square or round-robin matrix (aka Charlieplexing for keyboards) – a very tricky one promising 380 keys with a single Pro Micro.

Truchet tiles

Random Truchet tiles on your PCB's silk screen.

The (Japanese) duplex matrix

There are two completely different keyboard matrices referred to as duplex matrix. Let's examine the Japanese one, which makes possible to handle 160-200 keys with a single Pro Micro.

Homemade key socket cover

A homemade key socket cover open-sourced by qubist1.

Seeeduino Xiao RP2040

Another RP2040-based controller with relatively small form factor: Seeeduino Xiao RP2040.


SmartKnob is an open-source input device with software-configurable endstops and virtual detents – designed by Scott Bezek.

TinyS3 controller

UnexpectedMaker's TinyS3 is a development board featuring the ESP32-S3 controller, and offering both wired and wireless connection.


Pockit is a tiny modular PC system by Solder_Man with lots of good ideas for modular keyboards.

16-key layout tour

Looking at Ben Vallack's 16-key layout in detail.