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In progress

VPK #1 work in progress

The VPK #1 is a 3D printed 65% keyboard by VyralEnder (gallery).

Concrete keyboard

Another concrete keyboard in the making, this time by Chrislybaer. First try failed.

Custom board on glossed wenge

A custom board on some glossed wenge wood by priceT00High.

Magnetic switch

Another magnetic switch design, this time by UFIOES. Based on the AT&T switch.

Concertina MX first draft print

Concertina MX first draft print by BHRobots. Based on VIktor Eikman's Concertina, adapted to fit MX switches.

112% handwired ortho

A 112% handwired ortho in progress. The 6x20 BOP (Big Ortho Project) by bread-mayo-ham-bacon.