Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Cosimini designed and shared the Cambkb, a split keyboard with RJ-9 connectors and exposed diode array.


Sneftel shared the SOWGull, a split version of his original Gull keyboard.

WeirdFlexButOk keyboard

Penk Chen's unibody ergo WeirdFlexButOk PCB has kerf bending cuts for tenting.


Ally Parker's Corneroll is another Corne variant, this time: wireless, choc, hotswap – with roller encoders.

IBM Mmm Ortho

Mod Mmm ortho PCB by Ming-Gih Lam – turn your IBM Model M into a hotswap MX ortho keyboard.


A reversible split PCB by Dmitry Belousov: Dedekind.


An all-ISO Enter board, anyone? Of course it exists: OmegaISO with 94 ISO Enter keycaps.


Alejandro Cámara published his Winsplit, a true split compatible with normal keysets.

Leveret v2 & lever keycaps

Leveret is a wireless split keyboard by dohn-joh, featuring thumb clusters with custom lever keycaps.

Osprey remix

Vladimir Glushkov released his remix of the Osprey – with a daughterboard instead of on-board MCU.

Pimple Smile

Protieusz keeps updating keyboard models with trackballs. His latest project is the Pimple Smile.

Kipra keyboard

Peter Lyons shared his kipra, an open-source split keyboard – kinda pragmatic.


Squalius-cephalus shared the split Silakka44 with reversible hotswap PCB.


A nice monoblock split by tschibo00: Tokeyo.


Evgenii Vilkov shared a new 40-key variant of his Stront: Stront40 with more keys and more modules.


A monoblock split keyboard with orthoish halves: Buran by ScatteredDrifter.


Nova is a Buran variant/mod by Protieusz: an orthoish monoblock split with trackball, on-board RP2040 and roller encoder.

Seagull macropad

Kea Workshop's Claude published his Seagull macropad - with MX/Choc support and exposed diodes.

BLE Morse keyboard

Mikey Sklar shared a wireless one-handed keyboard with Morse code as input method.


A split ortholinear keyboard with on-board MCU: PICCTRL - 0xLM by Lluis Merlos Pieri.

PHNX keyboard

Sinisha Stojchevski's PHNX is a unibody split keyboard with on-board MCU.

Mission control PCB

A replacement PCB for the Model M122: M122ION CONTROL by dj_edit.


The NewType-36 by Protieusz is a derivative of the nowt36 – with trackball.


A modular keyboard prototype for full VIK experience: Trio by zzeneg.


Mike Barnoski published his first open-source keyboard: the minimal split BR/KN with trackballs on both sides.