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Tips & Tricks

Gboard CAPS: A head-turning innovation

The Gboard team is back with another weird input device: the portable and fashionable Gboard CAPS – which is a hat keyboard!


The Svlinky is a new open-source RP2040 controller that natively supports Sadek Baroudi's VIK standard proposal.

New flexible PCB

Alakuu from revised his flexible PCBs and designed a new XIAO-Flex MCU breakout board.

Trackpoint shield for splits

Holykeebs offers various popular splits with a trackpoint module.

KLP Lamé keycaps

Nikita Shirokov shared KLP Lamé, a set of new keycaps for Kailh Choc switches.

Mobop keycaps

Mobop is a retro-inspired uniform keycap profile shared by Penk Chen – for low-pro switches!

VIK standard

Sadek Baroudi released his VIK standard, which is a set of specifications and guidelines for interfacing between printed circuit boards, e.g. a main keyboard PCB and a module that supports specific features.

Keychron camo switches

Honestly, where is this hobby heading? Dye-sub camo switches by Keychron.

Origami transport bag

FalbaTech's Origami bag is an environmentally friendly way to transport your split keyboards.

CRP-X keycap profile

Created by Hammer & Buger.Work, CRP-X is a new uniform keycap profile with stepped modifiers and flippable caps.

Stampy controller

An RP2040-based controller for handwiring keyboards: Stampy by Keebio.

FK custom

The revamped keycap customization service by FKcaps has now an intuitive online interface offering an impressive set of options.

SLK keycap profile

SLK Dessau by Kema/FKcaps is the first keyset with the uniform spherical SLK keycap profile.

Splinktegrated controller

Splinktegrated, released by Fmcraft, is an open-source controller board for Dactyls.

Brand new Model F keyboards

Model F Labs, offering remakes of capacitive buckling spring and beamspring IBM keyboards, added new models to the line-up.

Ergogen tutorials

FlatFootFox published a comprehensive series of tutorials on how to use Ergogen V4.

KLARIS keycap night light

Sneakbox designed a decorative keycap-shaped night light: KLARIS.

Dyeing Keycaps in 2023

Fellow redditor amphiboi put together a detailed guide on dyeing keycaps, based on the groundwork laid by CrowningKnight.

Phase One 65 numpad

A 3D-printed numpad case by keynoted, matching his daily driver Phase One 65.

Totem with trackpad mod

A case for the Totem with trackpad – shared by wing_kong_exch.

inQAZtro case

A case with pen holder for the QAZ keyboard: inQAZtro by errr000r.


DaoShield by Mposiblee – an aluminum case for the Dao keyboard.

Magnetic tenting system

Fmcraft presented a magnetic tenting system using mainly off-the-shelf components.

Touch Type Tale

A completely typing-controlled real-time strategy game: Touch Type Tale by Pumpernickel Studio.

Gasket mount Draculad case

A custom gasked mount Draculad case shared by chewiedies.