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Tips & Tricks

Trackball bearing comparison

A comparison of trackball bearings: (cheap) rollers, BTUs and static bearings – by wiwilwi.

Elecrow MK promotion

There's a special promotion for mechanical keyboard makers going on at Elecrow. Check it out for 50% discounts and even $1 plates.


Koenigspiel designed the Kunai, a case for the Corne based off the Am Hatsu.

Mcorne c5

Release of the wireless magnetic Corne case by weissbieremulsion: Mcorne c5.

New Piantor case

New 3D-printed low-profile Piantor case shared by leo_beekeeb.

EMA profile

The EMA keycap profile is an in-house development by IDOBAO. A sculpted, spherical profile.

Scylla/Charybdis tenting

Scylla/Charybdis adjustable tenting stand shared by gdeLopata.

artsey and is the community version of the artsey layout – one hand, 8 keys, 100% power.

65% silicone dampener mold

A 3D printable mold by dezcompiler for making silicone PCB dampeners for 65% keyboards.

nice!view on 4-pin PCBs

A photolog by beekeeb: putting nice!view displays on a 4-pin PCB.

Updated hotswap sockets

It seems there were some changes made to the Kailh hotswap sockets.

Hotswap switch plate?

An interesting concept by @kgnwsknf_chef: switch plate turned into main PCB via pin headers.

Värdera keycaps

Värdera is a low-profile Choc-compatible keycap – STLs shared by braindefender.


The nice!view by Nicell is a low-power OLED display replacement with high refresh rate.


The Elite-Pi is a new controller by Maple Computing – sporting an RP2040 chip while being compatible with the Pro Micro footprint.

Hot-swap socket holders

Two hot-swap socket holders for handwired builds shared by ghostfaceschiller.

Model H

Model H is a USB controller for IBM Model M – by John Hawthorn.


Norne is a 3D printed Ploopy Nano + Corne case mash-up by Diitsuku.


Lev Popov's Orbital is a tiny standalone trackpad you can stick on your keyboard.


The Tether is a 3D printed case that allows you to choose between split or unibody and change on the fly. Shared by brother_bean.

CFX homing keys and more

Chosfox announced an extended range of their low-profile CFX keycaps: homing keys and various larger sizes have been added.

Homemade keycaps

Some elegant homemade low-pro keycaps – posted by hide-key.

Flexible transparent PCB

PCBWay now offers flexible transparent PCBs, based on PET.

Tilted thumb key

A 3D-printed tilted keycap for a more comfortable thumb cluster.

The Platform

ZSA announced a new tenting system: the Platform.