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Issue 11 / Week 4 / 2021

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After digging through 2445 posts on r/mk only... here is the top 1% of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

Discussion over at r/mk!


Microdox with 3D printed case

A [[|Microdox]] with a [[|nice gallery]] and a cool open source [[|tented case]] by Kooziecup.

GX-16 Dactyl Manuform

A [[|Dactyl Manuform]] with GX-16 connectors by oni_strech based on hellmoneywarrior's [[|design]].


This [[|Tightyl build]] by moltarpdx is based on Okke's design ([[|git]], [[|STL]]).

Macro board

An open source [[|macro board]] with PCB, case and plate ([[|git]]) by Gowlandr.

Kinesis Essential rebuild with Bluetooth

This [[|Kinesis Essential]] has been turned into wireless by sczizzo. Lot's of useful info in the thread.

A hefty wireless 40% ortho

A thick [[|wireless 40% ortho]] by onebigdoor with [[|photolog]].


[[|MUGGI 2]] by jungmuk. A handwired split with a single controller, braided cables and photolog.


This handwired monster is tentatively named the [[|Phatty105]] ([[|keymap]]) and is based on a (surprise!) CRKBD. Committed by jamopopper.


[[|]]. A [[|TypeRacer equivalent]] for programmers (posted by pumpkin_link).

RGB control using raw HID

A [[|Python module]] by electrocamel to control RGB on QMK keyboards using raw HID.


KTT Strawberry Switch Review

[[|KTT strawberry]]. Another comprehensive switch review by ThereminGoat ([[|article]]).

Gazzew Bobagum review

[[|Gazzew Bobagum review & sound test on NK65 Entry!]] by Zenjh.

Tips & Tricks

3D printed hot swap sockets

OMGWhyImOld published the [[|source files]] of this [[|3D printed solderless keyswitch connector]]. Aka "poor man's Kaihl hot swap sockets".

Converting an XT keyboard to Bluetooth

A [[|guide]] to easily convert an XT keyboard to Bluetooth by PM_ME_YOUR_MAUSE ([[–I1NEY2snjayrv4Y6I140er_jQKGY7RpJkBDVvWU/edit?usp=sharing|docs]]).

Cracked keycap stems fixed with heat shrink tube

Heat shrink tube (4.5 mm) used to [[|fix cracked or loose keycap]] stems (by jesterc0re).

Braided cable

RomeoTran came up with this super flexible [[|braided cable]] using headphone cables.

Some switch sounds

[[|Sound test]] of some switches by TheHapaLens.

Keyboard Spotting

Beamspring spotting

A breathtaking photo of an [[|IBM Beamspring 5251]] shot by Bitteneite.

NEC phone switchboard

A [[|NEC phone switchboard]] discovered in an abandoned building by Happyboi225 & co.


Mint chocolate artisan keyboard

I'm used to artisans, but these mint & strawberry chocolate themed [[|Lime40s]] are the first artisan keyboards I've ever seen (designed by [[|eukalin_]], posted by hiddenbox4).

Rotary phone numpad

The [[|real mechanical numpad]] built out of a rotary phone sandelinos found at a thrift shop ([[|video]] & [[|Arduino source]]).

Hexadecimal keyboard & macropad

A unique [[|Hexadecimal keyboard & macropad]] by wanderingjew.

Custom macropad with extra knobs

This [[|custom macropad]] by dansskittles comes with extra knobs and a short [[|code example]].


The [[|Manta]] is a monoblock split by GeniuzGames.

Split keyboard concept for designers

A [[|designer-friendly split keyboard]] concept by samanpwbb with 9 extra keys on the left for often used hotkeys.