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Issue 13 / Week 6 / 2021

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Discussion over at r/mk!



The [[|Dormouse]] is a 3D printed, handwired 40% by dapperrogue ([[|gallery]] & [[|git]]).

System76 Launch

The [[|System76 Launch]] is a keyboard project with open source case and PCB ([[|git]]). Posted by jackpot51.

Handwired Planck

A [[|handwired Planck]] by tux268_ with photolog.

The naked split strikes back

The [[|naked split ortho 40%]] by onebigdoor is back with fully addressable rgb backlighting ([[|gallery]]). Still without plate, case and PCB.


QAZ-Simple: a simple, drop-in style open source [[|case]] by dingusxmcgee_ for the QAZ keyboard kit.

Travel case for Sofle

[[|Travel case]] for Sofle by gianni777 with [[|STL files]].


Chicony KB-5160AT review

[[|Chicony KB-5160AT]] review (Cherry MX White) by Chyrosran22 ([[|video]]).

Opblack switch review

[[|Opblack]] switch review ([[|here]]) by ThereminGoat.

ErgoArrows review

A [[|video review]] (English subtitle) of the ErgoArrows - a split with dedicated arrow clusters posted by daihuku-key. ([[|Details/shop]] and [[|blog]] in Japanese.)

Tips & Tricks

Faux-wireless setup

[[|Cable management]] masterclass by gr1zbot ([[|gallery]]). (more)

LEGO keyboard stand (guide)

EnAyJay made a [[|guide]] on how to make the LEGO stand ([[|video]]).

Ikea tenting stand

[[|Tenting stand]] based on [[|Ikea parts]] by vagabionda.

Backside rail

The [[|backside rail]] is a new (?) mounting style by sab0m0v. (more)

Mouse grid navigation

An informative thread stuffed with links on [[|mouse grid navigation]] - which is actually a mouseless method. (Thread started by TemperedGlassTeapot.)

Keyboard Spotting


Take the basic rules of ergonomics and break most of them: [[|Datalux]] spotted by Banana21y.


The [[|READY! MODEL 100]] is a portable computer by ready100computer. (Details [[|here]].) In case custom keyboards are too mainstream for you. (Sent by Grillsteak28.)

Focus62 - Alps Kishsaver

The [[|Focus62 - Alps Kishsaver]] by N6NG is a board with one of Hasu's Alps64 PCBs with blue alps ([[|sound]]).


Through-hole ortho with a thumb cluster

[[|BTY-80]] - A through-hole ortholinear TKL keyboard with a thumb cluster by ajkldsz.

Keycap vacuum coating

Drygol's first attempt to [[|keycap vacuum coating]] failed, but the idea is not bad ([[|blog]]) - [[|article]] posted by LASERman71.

Wooden switch

An [[|artisan switch]] (khm) made of wood by BitchassSixtyNine.


This is [[|Ahokore]] by _dezli, which makes use of a nice!nano and ZMK for Bluetooth functionality.

Transparent caps with e-ink legends

Aside from the physical layout, the idea of putting an e-ink display behind transparent caps is intriguing. ([[|Nemeio]] posted by m10r-vc.)