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Issue 136 / Week 38 / 2023

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 5+7 entries in this issue:


Behind the scenes #2023/38

Quick news, in the mailbox, games, typewriters, meetups, updates, etc.



Maximus is a unibody split with trackpad by Protieusz – inspired by the Ieneko42c.

Testamatta #011

Nakamura Hideki announced the testamatta #011, a nice low-pro unibody angled split keyboard.


Interview: Quentin Lebastard

Quentin Lebastard of Bastard Keyboards, designer of the Charybdis and Dilemma, talks about himself and his designs on the occasion of the upcoming release of the Dilemma Max.


M4CR0Pad in action

I tested the M4CR0Pad by Ergohaven and thought it would be interesting to demonstrate the ease of setting it up, along with a typical use case.

Quick news

New LEGO-compatible board announced by KBDcraft: Lilith is also 60%, but it comes in a new case with 5.5 typing angle and in both ANSI/ISO flavors!

Cyberdeck: Giga40 update with HIGOLEPC – committed by mujimanic.

Tools: Vial to Keymap Drawer by YellowAfterlife takes your Vial .vil layouts and converts them to YAML that you can pass to keymap-drawer. And keyfab, a promising keyboard layout design tool by Jaroslaw Weber.

Mod: notshitashi made a Glove80 with a trackpoint – with details and lots of WIP photos.

Keyboard art – So much attention to detail: EX-00 – a heavily customized AM AFA R1 by TheExStudio. A life-size human size keyswitch out of cardboard (by i_like_miniwheats). Keebio Cepstrum illustration/map by jadepug. And this Jabberwocky with the tasty wooden wrist rest belongs to this column too I guess.

Weekly Diderot effect: colorful replacement feet for Halo keyboards. And a slightly over-engineered suspension system with gas cylinders. ('but why?!')

Typing game in the making: Kanji Kitchen by MochiDev. Learn Japanese while clicking and clacking – with in-game keyboards and keyboard sounds. Coming later this year on Steam.

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