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Issue 139 / Week 41 / 2023

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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Behind the scenes #139

Quick news, donation issues, in the mailbox, meetups, updates. Would you like a giveaway?



Thorium is a small ortholinear split keyboard by note96e.


RaphCoder13 designed Birdy44, a handwired split with dual trackpads and tented case.


ScottoFrog by Joe Scotto – a 20-key handwired keyboard/macropad with Bluetooth capability (nice!nano).

Wave keyboard

Etienne Collin's Wave is a reversible split Ferris/Sweep derivative with Mini DIN 4 connectors.


Sergei Silnov's Crabapplepad is a minimalistic, ultra low-pro foldable split keyboard with X switches.


Sergei shared his PUR keyboard, an ortholinear one with offset spacebar and bent metal sheet case.


STHLM kb announced Större, an easy-to-build 75% keyboard kit with exposed diode cluster and using only through-hole components.

Tips & Tricks

EC12 encoder knob

Oak Ninja published a 3D printed EC12 encoder knob with skirt.

Quick news

NerdBoard 6. A split with integrated trackball and extreme "keywell"(?).

Another "[abomination]"( by ADreamOfStorms. To be open sourced.

What once was the KeyboardDweebs shop has been reopened as a blog. Alex will keep all of his keyboard projects on there (without selling anything). Related project.

Commercial: announced Iris CE (Compact Edition), a low-profile Choc Iris PCB and keyboard.

Tools: is a place to compare 3D keyboard models with AR view on mobile. Figma layout designer by Accomplished Table561, as of my understanding, a tool to make beautiful visuals of your keyboard for reference, e.g. while learning a new layout. FAK is a keyboard firmware for the cheap CH55x series chips. Written by semickolon in Nickel.

Spotting: A Dactyl with strange keycaps. They make sense though when you realize they were designed by MooMarMouse, a lady with long nails. Finally, the Datadesk Switchboard] – a modular keyboard from the early '90s spotted by TrustyTrombones [DT wiki entry and Chyrosran22 review.

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