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Issue 141 / Week 43 / 2023

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 7+10 entries in this issue:


Behind the scenes #141

Giveaway and advent calendar update, quick news, in the mailbox, meetups, vendor updates.


Corne Xiao

Released by FrictioN, this Corne Xiao is a modified, wireless version of foostan's Corne keyboard.

Corne Chocoflan

Hai Nguyen of shared his Corne Chocoflan, a low-pro Corne variant optimized for wireless use.


Patrick Ryan shared his Yurigs80, a 84-key keyboard with Pi Pico and encoder.

Span keyboard

Span is a split with trackpoint support by Idan of holykeebs – in the footsteps of the GergoPlex.


Bancouver40 (minipeg48, kowgary16)

This is my review of the Bancouver40, this cool little pre-built ortho keyboard in a premium CNC aluminum case – designed by Sporewoh and sold by Chosfox.

Tips & Tricks

Lily58 & Corne cases

Kooziecup shared multiple high-profile cases for the Lily58 and Corne.

Quick news

Let's head to this mini poll about October switch purchases. The September top switch compilation was very popular, I may incorporate these results into the next one.

I'm going to host another MK advent calendar this year. Just started organizing, but there are already some big names on board. Get back to me with a working title if you'd like to contribute an article too. Here are the guidelines for authors.

And there's another anniversary giveaway in the making. (WIP, not open yet.) Looking for sponsors!

Boardsource launched Unicorne, a Corne ecosystem with cases, PCB and a new tenting system.

Foostan came up with an improvement for the Corne PCB too: mid-mount/low-pro TRRS connector.

The Japanese media was full of reports on the new HHKB Studio board (press release) – trackpoint, gesture pads, three low-pro thumb keys for mouse control, and a custom linear MX switch with an interesting part.

Tip: Joe Scotto printed and shared some keycaps.

More info on the Iris CE. Check out Danny's blog post with lots of details.

Just pics: a noname magnetic split by lux_via and the Kassiopea 46 by Any_interaction – without much info.

Finally, the authoritative Hyper7 resurrected by Mechboards. GB starting at this very moment! In addition, Ben was kind enough to offer one of these beasts for the giveaway. "After 2 years, we're bringing back this behemoth of a keyboard. The worlds only 173% keyboard."

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