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Issue 15 / Week 8 / 2021

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The [[|IIICC]] is a three piece split by kbjunky ([[|git]], [[|easyeda]]).

Ploopy Nano design files released

The design files of the [[|Ploopy Nano Trackball]] by crop_octagon are officially released ([[|git]]).

TBK Mini - a 3x6+3 Dactyl

Fmcraft's [[|TBK Mini]] (a 3x6+3 Dactyl) with lots of info, [[|git repo]] and a related [[|video]] with designing tips.

Custom PCB workflow

A [[|custom PCB]] by bigbrobewatching ([[|pics]]). What's more interesting though, is the workflow: KLE, [[|KLE PCB generator]] I wasn't aware of & the firmware builder by Ruiqi Mao.

PicOrtho powered by Python

[[|PicOrtho]]: a Python powered ortholinear keyboard by SouthPawEngineer with Choc browns and MBK caps.

Dumbpad build

A [[|low budget build]] by cucumbermemes: impchipwood's dumbpad ([[|git]]).

XP64 MIDI mechanical keyboard

The [[|XP64]] is a mechanical MIDI keyboard by xpercipio ([[|video]], [[|project page]]).


NathanAlphaMan Interview

In episode 10 of The Thocc podcast [[|NathanAlphaMan]] answered Vogsphere's questions.

Deskthority for sale

10 years after starting the project, webwit decided to put Deskthority up for sale ([[|source and details]]). (more)


KLE PCB Generator

The [[|KLE PCB Generator]] by jeroen94704 is a Python tool generating a KiCAD schematic and PCB layout with the KLE RAW json as an input.


Everglide V3 'Water King' switch review

[[|Everglide V3 'Water King']] switch review by ThereminGoat ([[|article]]).

Tips & Tricks

Dactyl design in Fusion 360

Fmcraft's tips to [[|design a Dactyl]] in Fusion 360 ([[|video]]).

Weirdo keebs for shared PCs

A guide to [[|setup weird keyboards]] for shared PCs by SEXUALLYCOMPLIANT.

Machining a custom brass weight

A video of [[|machining a custom brass weight]] for the Tokyo60 keyboard by HadiPotter.

Switch films with Cricut

[[|Switch films]] made from 0.2mm stencil vinyl by hhsandi using Cricut.


Sound test compilation #2

This is a list of 23 sound tests published this week in a single megapack. (more)


Keypatch by Genest Technologies

The [[|Keypatch AT]] is an IBM Model F addon from the '80s by Genes Technologies. Presented by LGR ([[|video]]).

Keyboard Spotting

WAM Cherry G80-0485

[[|WAM Cherry G80-0485]] posted by Str0hkopf ([[|pics]]).


Solortho: a solar wireless

SouthPawEngineer made a solar powered Bluetooth keyboard, the [[|Solortho]].


The [[|SilverBullet44]] is a split keyboard with tented aluminum case by swan_match ([[|details]], [[–0q8|review]]).

Bobbysuit's strange boy

[[|This unnamed split]] by Bobbysuit features a HDMI cable between the halves, thus comes with one single controller.

Giant macropad

A [[|wooden macropad]] for NovelKeys Big Switches with pen tray. Committed by AuthenticDanger.

Macropad with arcade buttons

This [[|macropad]] by FatherPaulStone features arcade buttons in a wooden box ([[|pics]]).


The [[|Nyx]] is tadfisher's first PCB project. Waiting for a git repo.

AI-generated keyset designs

[[|AI-generated keysets]]. OpenAI’s GPT-3 API beta assisted by snagy.