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Issue 20 / Week 13 / 2021

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There are 18 entries in this issue:


3-piece keyboard design

Ruutanakostaja is working on a handwired keyboard that can be built for less than 50 euros (STL).

Redox Wireless 2.0 hot-swappable

Redox Wireless 2.0 hot-swappable with minimal 3D printed case by TiaMaT102. Soon to be added to the repo.

The Kombol Layout

The Kombol by sky_chil is a combo-based logical layout for ergonomic mechanical keyboards (discussion).


Quakemz's interview

In episode #11 of The Thocc podcast Vogsphere's guest was Quakemz, inventor of the Holy Panda.

Mechanical Keyboards For Dummies

The Mechanical Keyboards For Dummies is a cool cartoon by TylerToonsFanAcc. In case you need to initiate someone into mechanical keyboards (r/mk).

Tools website update website update by switchesmx (announcement).

Rune controller

The Rune is a modular controller by Ziptyze (pics).


Kinetic Labs' Gateron Hippo review

Kinetic Labs' Gateron Hippo switch review by ThereminGoat (source).

Omron B2H Hall effect switch

Omron B2H triple-magnet clicky Hall effect switch teardown by Chyrosran22 (discussion).

Tips & Tricks

Universal magnetic tenting legs

Universal magnetic tenting legs by niccig (STL, video).

Removable tenting for Corne

Removable tenting for Corne by anzood (STL, pics).


Sound test compilation #7

This is a list of 19 sound tests published this week in a single megapack.

Keyboard Spotting


Displaywriter posted by madlof (pics & typing demo).

Sony KI-107

Sony KI-107 posted by Str0hkopf (more pics).


Concrete keyboard case

The magic formula for the concrete keyboard by Chrislybaer seems to work.

Switch durability test

Switch durability test posted by bakamomoka.

The CerealBox

The CerealBox by darkfire1664 (more pics).

Wooden custom

This wooden custom by priceT00High keeps growing.

Discussion over at r/mk!