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Issue 20 / Week 13 / 2021

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Discussion over at r/mk!


3-piece keyboard design

Ruutanakostaja is working on a [[|handwired keyboard]] that can be built for less than 50 euros ([[|STL]]).

Redox Wireless 2.0 hot-swappable

[[|Redox Wireless 2.0 hot-swappable]] with minimal 3D printed case by TiaMaT102. Soon to be added to the [[|repo]].

The Kombol Layout

[[|The Kombol]] by sky_chil is a combo-based logical layout for ergonomic mechanical keyboards ([[|discussion]]).


Quakemz's interview

In [[|episode #11 of The Thocc]] podcast Vogsphere's guest was Quakemz, inventor of the Holy Panda.

Mechanical Keyboards For Dummies

The [[|Mechanical Keyboards For Dummies]] is a cool cartoon by TylerToonsFanAcc. In case you need to initiate someone into mechanical keyboards ([[|r/mk]]).

Tools website update

[[| website update]] by switchesmx ([[|announcement]]).

Rune controller

The [[|Rune]] is a modular controller by Ziptyze ([[|pics]]).


Kinetic Labs' Gateron Hippo review

[[|Kinetic Labs' Gateron Hippo]] switch review by ThereminGoat ([[|source]]).

Omron B2H Hall effect switch

[[|Omron B2H]] triple-magnet clicky Hall effect switch teardown by Chyrosran22 ([[|discussion]]).

Tips & Tricks

Universal magnetic tenting legs

Universal [[|magnetic tenting legs]] by niccig ([[|STL]], [[|video]]).

Removable tenting for Corne

[[|Removable tenting for Corne]] by anzood ([[|STL]], [[|pics]]).


Sound test compilation #7

This is a list of 19 sound tests published this week in a single megapack. (more)

Keyboard Spotting


[[|Displaywriter]] posted by madlof ([[|pics & typing demo]]).

Sony KI-107

[[|Sony KI-107]] posted by Str0hkopf ([[|more pics]]).


Concrete keyboard case

The magic formula for the [[|concrete keyboard]] by Chrislybaer seems to work.

Switch durability test

[[|Switch durability test]] posted by bakamomoka.

The CerealBox

[[|The CerealBox]] by darkfire1664 ([[|more pics]]).

Wooden custom

This [[|wooden custom]] by priceT00High keeps growing.