support is crucial because delivering new issues every week takes a lot of time."> support is crucial because delivering new issues every week takes a lot of time." /> support is crucial because delivering new issues every week takes a lot of time." />
Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Issue 26 / Week 19 / 2021

There are 24 entries in this issue.

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This is a hand-picked selection of posts that may teach you something about designing and building your own custom keyboard.

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Behind the Scenes of Issue 26

Issue 26 and personal favorites. Moving to, more performance tweaks, CDN setup, redirecting madness. Issue 25 follow-up. (more)



Sepia by panichardware. Low profile split ergonomic keyboard created with Ergogen. (more)

Custom tented Sofle

A custom Sofle by onebigdoor with hotswap, foam gasket and modular tenting system. (more)

Kyria with pimoroni trackball

A Kyria with pimoroni trackball and 3D printed tented case by UghThatsTheWorst. (more)

Converted Zenith Z-150 XT

A Zenith Z-150 XT brought back to life by theguth. (more)

Pinky3 build

A Pinky3 build by markbaraban. (more)

Musical instrument

Keyboard building skills used to make a musical instrument – by archarios. (more)

ThinKeys 13

ThinKeys 13 by dennisleexyz. A split ortho with TrackPoint for ThinkPad. (more)

Low-profile 5x12 ortho

A low-profile 5x12 ortho for travelling by TecHno-Guy. (more)


Iammeuru's interview

Iammeuru's interview in a new episode of The Thocc podcast. Presented by Vogsphere. (more)

Tips & Tricks

Custom Corne case

Custom Corne case covering controller by kisonecat. (more)

Printed ring gasket mount case

The Teamwolf Special - A 3D-printed ring gasket mount case for the Teamwolf Zhuque by RogerArbogast. (more)

Lasercut, modular keywell

First proof of concept of a lasercut, modular keyboard with wells by Macone4. (more)

Designing a keyboard in Fusion 360

Speed run by BeardFromFargo designing a keyboard in Fusion 360. (more)

Rit dyeing a case

Making a case look less like plastic and more like glass - video by avgsgn. (more)

Wireless 2.4Ghz receiver for Bluetooth modules

Turns any nRF Bluetooth keyboard (nice!nano etc.) into a non-Bluetooth QMK keyboard. (more)

Switch details you may not know

ThereminGoat presents 25 switch details you may not know. (more)

Updated Model M reference materials

New reference material on the Model M by Warm_Ad9986. (more)


Sound test compilation #13

This is a list of 11 sound tests published this week in a single megapack. (more)


A trip down the memory lane

A trip down the memory lane of the custom keyboard community by icelongclaw. (more)

Keyboard Spotting

Devlin spotted

A Devlin Electronics keyboard with tons of keys found by beez_y. (more)

IBM Model M15

Anti-Antidote got this old IBM Model M15 from his grandfather. (more)


Rollow: with thumb encoders

The Rollow is a split keyboard by ArtofZenKeys with dedicated thumb encoders. (more)

One-handed build

A one-handed keyboard by nonsleepr with sloped thumb keys.