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Issue 31 / Week 24 / 2021

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 23 entries in this issue:


Behind the Scenes of Issue 31

New open source designs and personal favorites, tips on IO expanders and jasmonite. Split database revamp continued. Issue 30 follow-up.


Pierce keyboard

Pierce by crahamson is a semi-wireless open source keyboard.


The Boston is an open source "compact 120%".

MM60 Ergo

A laser cut split by SKZBadHabit with trackpoint, display and RTC.

The Ulfberht+

The Ulfberht+ is a cyberdeck by Tinfoil_Haberdashery, featuring his laser-etched custom keycaps.

Dactyl Manuform Skeleton build guide

Dactyl Manuform Skeleton Edition build guide by Prestigious-Cookie42 released in Japanese.

Snowflake keyboard

A tightly spaced keyboard by kbranch38.


The split89 is an 89-key split TKL by jurassic73 with source files and build log.


The WhiteBoard is an open source 5x12 ortho by tinyduel.

Volume mixer

This volume mixer by Ananords is based on deej, an open source mixer.

Ploopy Mini open-sourced

The Ploopy Mini Trackball by crop_octagon is now completely open-source. All design files are available, and it runs QMK.

Tips & Tricks

Restoring an Apple Adjustable Keyboard

A filthy Apple M1242 keyboard cleaned and retrobrighted by TysyTube.

DIY shine-through caps

Prototyping NP profile shine-through caps by neXus5169.


The Keeblab by edoelas is a controller-agnostic prototyping setup.

On IO expanders

Using an IO expander instead of a second Pro Micro? Posted by scissor_rock_paper.

3D printed keycaps

Faux double-shot 3D printed keycaps by Symbiote.


Sound test compilation #17

This is a list of 15 sound tests published this week in a single megapack.

Keyboard Spotting

ASCII AS keyboard Sono 1

AS keyboard Sono 1 manufactured by ASCII Corporation spotted by Buzanoff.

Sejin Electron EAT-1010

Sejin Electron EAT-1010 posted by Catoflado1.

Behind the Scenes

Visiting the Norbauer Warehouse

Visiting the Norbauer Warehouse by TaehaTypes.



Results of an experiment with some new materials - posted by xWaSx.

Ortholinear with training wheels

Ortholinear with standard keycap set by mister_bouch.

Atlantis 9e

Atlantis 9e is a macropad with nine rotary encoders. Posted by Solartempest.

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