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Issue 37 / Week 30 / 2021

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This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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Behind the Scenes of Issue 37

Holiday season, issue 36 follow-up, 1000 newsletter subscribers, most popular posts, developments, long term trends, to-do and priority list. (more)


Engraved Adelais case

An amazing engraved Adelais case by dinhthai060. (more)

IBM Model M dome swap & chopjob

Turn up the radio! Today's hot single: Bitteneite's 70% Model M with choplog. (more)

Charybdis - Dactyl trackball keyboard

The Charybdis by Fmcraft is a Dactyl spin-off with well-placed trackball. (more)

MacroPact released on Github

The MacroPact by kbjunky is now open-sourced and available on GitHub (more)

Open-source Corne travel case

Consistent-Egg's cleaned up Corne travel case design is on GitHub. (more)


On hand-engraving with Thịnh Trần

Thịnh Trần, the self-taught artist behind the hand-engraved Adelais answering some questions. (more)


Warm Up - VS Code extension

A VS Code extension by Jeusto to practice and improve your typing speed right inside your code editor. (more)

Benign Key Logger

A secure keylogger by skibau to help understand your keyboard usage. (more)

Tips & Tricks

RTX 3080 keycap with fan

This 3D printed RTX 3080 keycap by lapinozz has a working fan! (more)


Japanese typewriters

An old write-up on the inner working mechanism and general evolution of Japanese typewriters. (more)

Keyboard Spotting

A battered Geac

Cute writing found by i_heart_lolis on a Geac 8340, an 80's library computer keyboard. (more)

Motorola KDT480

An old school police keyboard spotted by ya-best-beleeDat. (more)