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Issue 4 / Week 50 / 2020

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Discussion over at r/mk!


Andante: a row-staggered wireless split

[[|Andante]]: a row-staggered wireless split by jmding.

ProtonPad - a QMK showcase

The [[|ProtonPad]] makes use of ALL features of QMK. Designed by SouthPawEngineer.

Willow64 - a uniquely staggered split

The [[|Willow64]] is a uniquely staggered split by ykkap ([[|article]]).

Lotus58 - a Lily58 derivative

The [[|Lotus58]] is an [[|open source]] Lily58 derivative with hotswap and encoder by Tweetydabirdie.

Handwired ortho with PCB

A [[|handwired ortho]] with PCB? - with [[|photolog]] by bgkendall.

Tips & Tricks

Nose pads as rubber feet

[[|Nose pads]] as rubber feet - suggested by jmding.

3D printed MCU adapter

A 3D printed [[|MCU adapter]] with [[|STL files]] for Dactyl-like cases by Fmcraft.


Sci-fi and keyboard history combined

[[|2001 vs 2010]] - Sci-fi and keyboard history combined by Wyvyrn.


Music visualization on your keyboard

Music visualization on your keyboard through the Raw HID interface by Ruirize.

Book keyboard

[[|Book keyboard]] by FickleEMP.