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Issue 5 / Week 51 / 2020

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Discussion over at r/mk!


Riskeyboard70 PCB

[[|Riskeyboard70]] by riskable: - Fairly uncommon features like 3D printed [[|'parametric' Hall effect switches]], [[|magnetically stabilized stabilizers]], [[|LED output]] (!) - just to name a few. This showcase of ideas is from another planet. (more)

Wokpan - a 3D-printed wireless by u/sonerino

[[|Wokpan]] - a 3D-printed wireless by sonerino (more)

Red Queen - build log & source of a split Alice-like

[[|Red Queen]] - a split Alice-like with [[|photolog]] & [[|source files]]

EmoteKB - a Dactyl-like prototype with low-profile switches by u/yingerj

[[|EmoteKB]] - a Dactyl-like prototype and [[|STLs]] by yingerj

Switch-Backpack board by u/TheHexaCube

[[|Switch-Backpack board]] by TheHexaCube to make per-key illuminated handwired keyboards easier. (more)

Converting an Apple keyboard from 1984

Photolog of [[|converting an Apple keyboard from 1984]] by jsheradin

Tips & Tricks

Spring mount plate by u/RangerXML

Spring mount plate by RangerXML (more)

Letters on thumb keys - thoughts and experiences

On [[|letters on thumb keys]]

On rotary encoder types

There's more to [[|rotary encoders]] than I thought...

DIY switch films

[[|DIY switch films]]: [[|1]] & [[|2]]


Fractal keyboard

[[|This render]] of a split keyboard half by Wizarddata inspired Valarauka_ to come up with the idea of a fractal keyboard. Put on my list right after the [[|book keyboard]]. (more)


Keyboard signed both by Woz and Jobs sold for $75K

[[|THAT]] Apple Extended keyboard signed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs [[|sold for $74,535]]