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Issue 63 / Week 5 / 2022

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 13 entries in this issue:


Behind the Scenes of Issue 63

Issue #62 follow-up, developments, vendor & split database updates, 1977 Roland sequencer, etc.


Skeletyl/TBK-Mini flexible PCBs

u/Fmcraft published the files of his Skeletyl/TBK-Mini flexible PCBs – with per-key RGB.

Anna keyboard

Anna is a wireless 40-key ortholinear split keyboard PCB open-sourced by Karl Grasegger.

7x5 split ergo

A noname 7x5 split ergo keyboard by u/k9292 with 3D printed case.


A remarkable Dactyl-Manuform with gimbals – open-sourced by u/sffubs.


Michael Gunawan's kibod-01 is a Corne-ish split keyboard with a slight splay and ribbon cable.


The Game Roy ADVANCE by u/ROYMEETSW0RLD started out as a gamepad and ended up as a split.


23,000 Moonlanders

ZSA is celebrating the shipping of 23,000 Moonlanders.

Tips & Tricks

Shark's IBM wiki

u/SharktasticA announced his IBM-family keyboard wiki with the aim of covering niche models.

Os eruditio

u/Signynt's heavily tented case for the Keebio Levinson, dubbed Os eruditio, was inspired by the organic shapes of bones.

Numbers in Pnohty

Pnohty 1.2 – an updated layout by u/rayduck with reasonable number arrangement.

How the Glove80 keyboard was created

How the Glove80 ergonomic keyboard was created through data-driven philosophy, modular test rigs, parametric CAD and 500+ A/B testing experiments.


Brazen Studio's keyboard cases

Brazen Studio's Ian published some photos of their experimental gypsum/resin and cement/resin cases.

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