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Issue 7 / Week 53 / 2020

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Sure, it's 2021 already. But this is still a hand-picked selection of LAST WEEK's posts from a keyboard builder's perspective, thus, the last issue of 2020. Lots of great posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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[[|RedBaron]]: a tented split by macroxue with [[|documentation & STL files]].

Monoblock Dactyl

A [[|monoblock Dactyl]] by OmnisaiRen with [[|build log]] and [[|files to print]].

Tranquility v2

The 3D-printed split [[|Tranquility]] by cyanophage has a nice keywell, tenting and a public [[|SCAD file]].

Rhytm game controller

[[|This controller]] by OmnisaiRen features mechanical switches, encoders, and comes with a detailed [[|devlog]].

Trackpoint-modded Kinesis

A [[|revamped Kinesis]] with trackpoint, [[|kinT]] controller board and [[|photolog]] by re5et.

Tenting stand for UHK

A [[|15 degree tenting stand]] for UHK with [[|STL files]] by CAD and 3D-novice gdeLopata.

Wood and epoxy

A handwired board with [[|wooden case and epoxy light diffusor layer]] by wolfrats with [[|video documentation]].

Custom split 75%

A [[|custom split 75%]] by GuzziGuy with an informative [[|photolog]]. Check his other projects too!

36-key Low-Profile Split

[[|This 36-key]] sub-100x100mm low profile split by richardgoulter features switches soldered directly to pins, without a matrix.

Unnamed 65

The semi-handwired [[|Unnamed 65]] by icelongclaw features Amoeba PCBs and has a public [[[email protected]_x:7.5%3B&=&=%[email protected]_y:1&x:7.5&w:2%3B&=%[email protected]_rx:17&y:1&x:2%3B&=%[email protected]_x:2%3B&=%[email protected]_y:1&x:1%3B&=%[email protected]=&=&=%[email protected]_r:10&rx:1&y:0.25&x:2%3B&=&=&=%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:5%3B&=%[email protected]_y:-0.875&a:4%3B&=Esc&_a:7%3B&=%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:2&a:4%3B&=W&=E&=R%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:5%3B&=T%[email protected]_y:-0.875&a:7%3B&=&_a:4%3B&=Q%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:2%3B&=S&=D&=F%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:5%3B&=G%[email protected]_y:-0.875&a:7%3B&=&_a:4%3B&=A%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:2%3B&=X&=C&=V%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:5%3B&=B%[email protected]_y:-0.875&a:7%3B&=&_a:4%3B&=Z%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:2.5%3B&=cmd&_w:1.5%3B&=Space%[email protected]_r:-10&rx:16&y:0.25&x:-5&a:7%3B&=&=&=%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-6%3B&=%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-2%3B&=&=%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:-5&a:4%3B&=U&=I&=O%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-6%3B&=Y%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-2%3B&=P&_a:7%3B&=&=%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:-5&a:4%3B&=J&=K&=L%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-6%3B&=H%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-2%3B&=%2F:%0A%2F%3B&=%22%0A'&=Enter%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:-5%3B&=M&=%3C%0A,&=%3E%0A.%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-6%3B&=N%[email protected]_y:-0.875&x:-2%3B&=%3F%0A%2F%2F&=Shift%[email protected]_y:-0.25&x:-5&w:1.5%3B&=Space&_a:7%3B&=|KLE]] layout.

Wooden function pad

[[|Wooden function pad]] by alan0ford with [[|photos]] ([[|cut by hand]]).


Touchscreen prototyping

artru used SVG and JavaScript to come up with a [[|prototyping method]] for physical layouts on a touchscreen.

tt - A typing test for your terminal

[[|tt]] is a command line typing test from woefullywistful who also created [[|]].

Keyboard Render Kit

A teaser of the [[|Keyboard Render Kit]] for Blender by ImperfectLink (coming Jan 2021). (more)

Gateron switch puller

[[|Sneak peek]] at the Gateron switch puller's inside by pixelcast ([[|pics]]).

Keyboard sound simulator

[[|This tool]] by tplai is a rough keyboard sound simulator ([[|source]]).


Lavender switch review

Durock Lavender [[|switch review]] by ThereminGoat.

Tips & Tricks

How to fix a stripped screw?

A plethora of solutions to remove a [[|stripped screw]]: screw extractor, grinding a line in the head, vice grip, plier, even superglue.

Soldering a YC8 connector

A [[|video tutorial]] on [[|soldering the YC8 detachable connector]] by actionspacecake.

Tenting solution

A [[|tenting]] method with all the necessary links by mkarikom.

Keyboard Spotting

Veyboard: syllable chording

When you think you've already seen everything, mrmrabcabc introduces [[|Veyboard]], a syllable chording keyboard.

The "Here is" key

The story behind the [[|HERE IS]] key as told by frogspa.

Behind the Scenes

Manufacturing an aluminum case

Steps of how an [[|aluminum case is manufactured]] at keycult (posted by fadetoblack1106).


Cat-shaped keyboard

A [[|cat-shaped design]] by cashmeerkat77 for inspiration (with [[|gallery]]).