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Issue 9 / Week 2 / 2021

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Another Monday, another hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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Fifi: a 3x5 split

[[|Fifi]] is a 3x5 split by LooksCouldKale with open source [[|plate and PCB]].

Oddball: a split with trackball

[[|Oddball]] is a split keyboard by tullonator featuring a trackball. [[|Exhaustive documentation]] and [[|source files]].

Hexagonal split ergo keyboard

[[|This]] hexagonal split ergo by HellIsBurnin comes with in-depth [[|documentation]] and a [[|teaser]].

Symbolics LISP recreated

An [[|attempt to recreate]] the Symbolics LISP keyboard by lispnick.

Handwired 60% with custom firmware

A [[|handwired 60%]] by The-Tower-Of-Owls with [[|build log]] and custom [[|firmware]].

Geac library terminal conversion

Converting and retrobrighting a [[|Geac library terminal]] by jsheradin with [[|photolog]].

MBK Legend

[[|MBK Legend]] brought to you by _tectonicplate and fk-caps. (You won't see many GBs here, but low profile caps in short supply deserve some promotion.)


Kailh Polia tactile switch review

The [[|Kailh Polia]] tactile switch falls short of clacklabs's expectations ([[|video]]).

Hyperglide Cherry MX Black

[[|Hyperglide Cherry MX Black]] review ([[|video]]) by _veelut.

Novelias review

In-depth [[|Novelias switch review]] and historic overview as you can expect from ThereminGoat.

Tips & Tricks

Free universal 60% plate

A [[|free 60% plate]] by seh0nky ([[|DXF]]).

Hall effect sound test

A sound test of riskable's Hall effect keyboard introduced in KBD Issue 5.

Ergodox noise reduction tips

[[|Noise reduction tips]] from toumorokoshi with actual measurements ([[|source]]).


Air Force One comms station

The [[|comms station]] from a previous Air Force One used by Eisenhower to Nixon (shot by MuddyFire).

History of symbols - a lauchpad

A [[|launchpad]] by breck to the history of different symbols used on a keyboard ([[|source]]).


GIGA40: with cartridge system

The [[|GIGA40]] is a strange concept of mujimanic with features like replaceable cartridge and serial connector ([[|more pics]]).

3D printed steno keyboard

A 3D printed [[|stenography keyboard]] by kazimchi.

Another steno one

A [[|custom keyboard]] for stenography by silly_world.

Force-feedback slider

A [[|motorized slider]] by Pawnerd.