Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Issue 9 / Week 2 / 2021

Another Monday, another hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 19 entries in this issue:


Fifi: a 3x5 split

Fifi is a 3x5 split by LooksCouldKale with open source plate and PCB.

Oddball: a split with trackball

Oddball is a split keyboard by tullonator featuring a trackball. Exhaustive documentation and source files.

Hexagonal split ergo keyboard

This hexagonal split ergo by HellIsBurnin comes with in-depth documentation and a teaser.

Symbolics LISP recreated

An attempt to recreate the Symbolics LISP keyboard by lispnick.

Handwired 60% with custom firmware

A handwired 60% by The-Tower-Of-Owls with build log and custom firmware.

Geac library terminal conversion

Converting and retrobrighting a Geac library terminal by jsheradin with photolog.

MBK Legend

MBK Legend brought to you by _tectonicplate and fk-caps. (You won't see many GBs here, but low profile caps in short supply deserve some promotion.)


Kailh Polia tactile switch review

The Kailh Polia tactile switch falls short of clacklabs's expectations (video).

Hyperglide Cherry MX Black

Hyperglide Cherry MX Black review (video) by _veelut.

Novelias review

In-depth Novelias switch review and historic overview as you can expect from ThereminGoat.

Tips & Tricks

Free universal 60% plate

A free 60% plate by seh0nky (DXF).

Hall effect sound test

A sound test of riskable's Hall effect keyboard introduced in KBD Issue 5.

Ergodox noise reduction tips

Noise reduction tips from toumorokoshi with actual measurements (source).


Air Force One comms station

The comms station from a previous Air Force One used by Eisenhower to Nixon (shot by MuddyFire).

History of symbols - a lauchpad

A launchpad by breck to the history of different symbols used on a keyboard (source).


GIGA40: with cartridge system

The GIGA40 is a strange concept of mujimanic with features like replaceable cartridge and serial connector (more pics).

3D printed steno keyboard

A 3D printed stenography keyboard by kazimchi.

Another steno one

A custom keyboard for stenography by silly_world.

Force-feedback slider

A motorized slider by Pawnerd.

Discussion over at r/mk!