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Issue 91 / Week 33 / 2022

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 15 entries in this issue:


Behind the Scenes of Issue 91

New shops, new meetups, new donors, keyboard art column is back, etc.



This nice ortho keyboard is called keezyboost40, and designer u/sporewoh just published the PCB.

Skeletyl variant

A Skeletyl variant by u/blackanode with top and side mount add-on options.


u/Lovekb built Victor Lucachi's VOID Ergo S, a handwired split with open-source case files.


Ajisai is a 58-key handwired monoblock wireless build by u/DCharlo.

Fullsize southpaw

A handwired fullsize southpaw keyboard by u/bull_nz.


Cipulot's EC60 is an open-source universal 60% Electrostatic Capacitive PCB.


2022 Cyberdeck Contest

Hackaday launched a Cyberdeck Contest with prizes offered by Digi-Key.

Tips & Tricks

Custom Sofle case

A custom 3D printed Sofle case with underglow – shared by u/_vastrox_.

Lilium - a Lily58 case

Lilium is a Lily58 case family by u/DCharlo.

Box switch click muter

u/bull_nz made 3D printed rubber inserts for clicky switches that kill the down-clack and add pop.

Keyboard Spotting

ESA keyboard

A keyboard from the ESA Director of Operations bench spotted by u/evil_noodles.


The unique ergoLogic keyboard with adjustable tenting angle – posted by u/datnarwhal4.


NB100 cyberdeck

0x17 turned a vintage Amstrad NC100 into a cyberdeck.


This strange abomination is Spaxial, a peculiar angled unibody keyboard by u/keycashcow. I like it a lot.

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