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Lily58 case

A Lily58 case by st4rmatt – inspired by the IMK Corne and the Manta58.

Sofle case

A Sofle RGB case designed and shared by drudge007.

Shiratama keycaps

Shiratama is a yummy-looking keycap profile designed by @taneyats.


The split Ortholily is ortholinear, 3D-printed, handwired – and it's marcdosh575's first keyboard design.

Lily58 case

A 3D-printable Lily58 case with STLs – designed by DCharlo.

Smiling Orca keycap

The Smiling Orca, shared by leo_beekeeb, is a low-profile keycap optimized for Choc spacing.

Lily58 case

A fully enclosed Lily58 case. STLs published by hainguyenac.

BOB single-key "keyboard"

An open-source single-key USB keyboard by dr2mod called Big Orange Button.

Corne case

A new chunky high-pro Corne case design shared by chewiedies.

Low profile Dactyl

IncBLB has built a low profile Dactyl designed by omurovex.

Low-pro encoder knob

_GEIST_ published his KLOTZ knob for low-profile rotary encoders.

Apple M0110 case

SimonAchton designed, printed and shared a beautiful Apple M0110 case replica for 60% keyboard PCBs.

OpenEx trackball

OpenEx is an open-source QMK-powered trackball by Skribbles4420 – inspired by the Kensington Expert.

LHM keyboard

Max published a video on designing and building his 26-key minimalistic split, the LHM keyboard.

Sofle Choc case

A 3D-printed Sofle Choc case designed by lytedev.

Dactyl Sygnus

A Dactyl-inspired sub-40% split keyboard: Dactyl Sygnus by scytile.


Try-A-Dactyl is an OpenSCAD-based tool by wolfwood to programmatically design splits with keywell (aka dactyls).

Badger 2040 keypad

Andreas Känner took Pimoroni's RP2040-powered e-ink display and put it on a macropad.

Multi-profile macropad

Jim Jackson created a macropad with customizable profiles read from an SD card.

Tented wrist rest

A 3D printable tented frame by hephaestus_b designed to accommodate the popular gel wrist rest.

Modular wrist-rest

Customniches made a 3D-printed modular wrist-rest to fit his collection.

Swell68 case

A gummy o-ring mount case for the CIY Tester 68 keyboard by RogerArbogast.


The BFY-1 (the beefy one) by bad1o8o is a 18x6 ortho with case STLs.

simplyKeeb S60ph

Geaz84's 3D printed simplyKeeb S60ph is a 60-key, hotswappable, handwired split keyboard.

Home-made double-shot caps

For his 3D printed low-pro keyboard, Pavlo Khmel uses self-made double-shot keycaps.