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Whitefox Eclipse review

The WhiteFox Eclipse by Project Eclipse is the latest take on this classic model: a prebuilt 68% board with magnetic assembly and a whole ecosystem of modular cases. (Now with 10% off!)

PCB 68 keyboard

A bluetooth PCB via SuperMini in a wooden case: PCB 68 keyboard by alan0ford.


As standard as this row-staggered keyboard looks like, Jamie Ding's Pome76 behaves like a "unibody ergo". How?

Mt. Choc

Sonal Pinto's low-profile 65% keyboard, Mt. Choc, features a cool digital pin badge.


An open-source 65% keyboard with integrated trackball: dynamis by bbrfkr.

Kemove K68

I reviewed the K68, a budget 65% keyboard by Kemove.