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Typewriter turned into a computer

Artillect converted his Brother typewriter into a Linux terminal – with documentation and files.

IBM Model Pi

The "IBM Model Pi" by rengarett is simply a Model M converted via a Pi Pico and KMK.

Nuclear keyboard

A cool keyboard salvaged from a nuclear missile silo converted by Pointless Tinkering.

Atari 130XE with Box Pinks

An Atari 130XE turned into a mechanical keyboard by ScreamingAtTheRadio.

TA Royal Alpha 610

A TA Royal Alpha 610 typewriter turned into a keyboard in micho___'s first hand-wired project.

USB Zenith ZTX-11-Z

An USB Zenith ZTX-11-Z by Icemanrec.

Converted Zenith Z-150 XT

A Zenith Z-150 XT brought back to life by theguth.

Zenith z150 transformation

A Zenith z150 transformation by TypeSaucy with detailed build log.

IBM 3178 C1 mod

An IBM 3178 C1 USB Chungus edition ft. Solenoid by drake9800.

IBM 3276 Beam Spring

A restored and modded IBM 3276 Beam Spring keyboard with USB and a wooden palm rest by madhias (gallery, sound).

Apple Extended II USB mod

A retrofitted Apple Extended Keyboard II with internal USB hub (photolog) by greener_ca.

Geac library terminal conversion

Converting and retrobrighting a Geac library terminal by jsheradin with photolog.

Converting a Reuters 3000

Converting a Reuters keypad with excellent documentation by Beaverman.

Converted Kawasaki 50818-1013R00

A Kawasaki 50818-1013R00 converted by Kojirou_Sasahara.

Converting an Apple keyboard from 1984

Photolog of converting an Apple keyboard from 1984 by jsheradin