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Engikeeb is an experimental ultra-low-cost approach to keyboard design – by customMK.


Zazu is a unibody split keyboard by AlSaMoMo with some extra features.

Block keyboard

Ben Cooper's Block is a 12x4 hotswap ortholinear keyboard with OLED display.


A 7x26 ortholinear keyboard: Dreadnoughtus by TehArks.

Finalmouse Centerpiece

Another concept with a display below transparent keys: Centerpiece by Finalmouse.

Flux keyboard

The Flux keyboard sports magnetic switches above a Full HD display.

ScyllaBallz Rev 2.5

ScyllaBallz Rev 2.5 by tenstaana – a Skylla on steroids.


The swweeep is an open source, wireless only split keyboard with nice!view support. Committed by sadekbaroudi.

Disconnect MK1

The Disconnect MK1 is a pretty unique split by hid:ergo – with a single thumb cluster and trackpad.


Another through-hole keyboard project published by mohoyt: the 40% litle.


Lagom is a through-hole 65% keyboard shared by mojibber.


Christoph Rehmann's TPS42 is an open-source 36-42 keys split keyboard with trackpoint and memory LCD support.

nice!view on 4-pin PCBs

A photolog by beekeeb: putting nice!view displays on a 4-pin PCB.

The Snowslide

The Snowslide is an open-source monoblock split by Geob-o-matic.


The nice!view by Nicell is a low-power OLED display replacement with high refresh rate.

Emblem aka BTA

Tenstaana came up with Emblem aka BTA, another feature-rich monoblock design.

Nemm keyboard

Nemm is a wireless split keyboard designed by kien242tran.


Dissatisfaction30 is a classy 30% keyboard / macropad by dj_edit.


HandiPi is a handheld RPI4 based computer with 36 keys and display – designed by brickbots.


This nice ortho keyboard is called keezyboost40, and designer sporewoh just published the PCB.


Ursula is a low-profile 5-column split keyboard by jamesmnw.

Hello Word Smart Keyboard

Peng Zhihui designed a feature-packed modular keyboard with a motor-controlled haptic knob – and a lot more.


Keybon is a customizable OLED macropad that adapts to the apps you use – designed by Max.K.


Weteor's 34-key Tipper-TF is a split unibody BLE keyboard with splay and e-ink display.

Ghoul keybooard

The Ghoul by tzarc is a Planck-like ortho but also a development board for QMK.