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CHOMPI is a cute looper with mechanical keys – as inspiration.


An about 10 cm wide 40% keyboard by juskim: tinyKeys with Gerbers.

Kit Adam upgrade

As reported by BoyU, the popular LEGO-compatible Adam ecosystem is growing. Upgrade, new color and parts, including wrist rests.

XVX Cube keycaps

XVX is planning on releasing their transparent Cube keycaps with detachable legends.

Christmas ornament keypad

Hide-key's new design is a Christmas ornament shaped macropad with X switches.

Sunflower macropad

Hide-key's another macropad design: Sunflower #001.

Flux keyboard

The Flux keyboard sports magnetic switches above a Full HD display.


A 10-key ergo keyboard or an adjustable controller for gamers? The MoveMaster is an input device with a distinctive appearance.

The Two Thirds Keyboard

Inspired by old letterpress type cases, Attoparsec designed a keyboard based on the California Two Thirds layout.


Ikeji's Pittheus is a foldable monoblock keyboard with a clever hinge mechanism.

KBDcraft's Adam

Another "LEGO" keyboard kit: Adam by KBDcraft. Use the KBDNEWS coupon code for a 5% discount.

Paper keycap

A paper keycap prototype, the first step to a fully paper keyboard, by PykeTheTitan.

Flexible transparent PCB

PCBWay now offers flexible transparent PCBs, based on PET.


Paperplane is a highly customizable modular case system by Fuankee.

32-key buckling spring keyboard

This 32-key IBM/QAZ buckling spring keyboard was committed by Pocketfullofbugs.

Got Milk?

Got Milk? - an artistic 3D printed case/plate test run by QDP2D.

The Platform

ZSA announced a new tenting system: the Platform.

SR Mont Cervin

SR Mont Cervin by Syryan is a versatile Alice/EM8 form factor monoblock split.

Joystick mouse

A joystick mouse attached to a keyboard – committed by commonCodeMonkey.

My mouse

My mouse is a flexible mouse concept by Andrey Avgust – with low-pro mechanical switches.

A really big keyboard

RKade built a huge keyboard out of cardboard. And it works.

Melgeek Pixel

Melgeek came out with Pixel, a LEGO-compatible keyboard.


This strange abomination is Spaxial, a peculiar angled unibody keyboard by keycashcow. I like it a lot.


FGHTR SWTCH is a unique artisan keycap housing by mecxlabs.

Hello Word Smart Keyboard

Peng Zhihui designed a feature-packed modular keyboard with a motor-controlled haptic knob – and a lot more.