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Peggi: an arpeggio keyboard

The Peggi is an eight-key arpeggio keyboard by Ian Henry.


Logical layout design: repeater key

The T-34/0 keyboard layout by jonas_h features a repeater key.


Magnetic layout prototyping

Going low profile: adjustable keyboard with magnets by key-yack.


Ergonomics of the 1880s

To put it mildly, this Hammond 12 typewriter with its "ideal" layout raises some questions.


Planck/Preonic SVG generator

Create you own Planck/Preonic keymap with this tool by BXO511.


Colemak-DH progress data

Colemak-DH progress data in 10 weeks by hocusparibus.


The Kombol Layout

The Kombol by sky_chil is a combo-based logical layout for ergonomic mechanical keyboards (discussion).