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Pangaea released

More than a year after the announcement, Pangaea 1.2 with its notoriously flexible layout has been released.

Logical Keyboard Layout Design

Apsu shares her experience going from curious about alternate keyboard layouts to accidentally being a prolific layout designer.

1UP Pi60 series

The Pi60 HSE & RGB are the first mass-produced RP2040 60% boards – from 1upkeyboards.

artsey and is the community version of the artsey layout – one hand, 8 keys, 100% power.

Colemak typewriter

bII6 converted an Olympia Splendid 66 typewriter to Colemak.

Miryoku ZMK

Miryoku, Manna Harbour's popular keyboard layout, is now available for ZMK.

The (Japanese) duplex matrix

There are two completely different keyboard matrices referred to as duplex matrix. Let's examine the Japanese one, which makes possible to handle 160-200 keys with a single Pro Micro.

Grin layout

On policium's Grin Type-R and Grin RC designs – featuring the unique Grin layout.

16-key layout tour

Looking at Ben Vallack's 16-key layout in detail.

Keyboard layout STL generator

This piece of code by anduril_tfotw generates 3D-printable STL files from a keyboard-layout-editor layout.

Numbers in Pnohty

Pnohty 1.2 – an updated layout by rayduck with reasonable number arrangement.

Switching to Colemak

The main stages and impressions of Tanukishouten switching to Colemak during the holidays.

Raised thumb keys

A split keyboard by ak66666 with thumb keys raised above the rest.

Single-handed ergo keyboard/layout

A great one-handed keyboard project by key-yack with lots of ideas and links to related resources.

Peggi: an arpeggio keyboard

The Peggi is an eight-key arpeggio keyboard by Ian Henry.

Logical layout design: repeater key

The T-34/0 keyboard layout by jonas_h features a repeater key.

Magnetic layout prototyping

Going low profile: adjustable keyboard with magnets by key-yack.

Ergonomics of the 1880s

To put it mildly, this Hammond 12 typewriter with its "ideal" layout raises some questions.

Colemak-DH progress data

Colemak-DH progress data in 10 weeks by hocusparibus.

Planck/Preonic SVG generator

Create you own Planck/Preonic keymap with this tool by BXO511.

The Kombol Layout

The Kombol by sky_chil is a combo-based logical layout for ergonomic mechanical keyboards (discussion).