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Whitefox Eclipse review

The WhiteFox Eclipse by Project Eclipse is the latest take on this classic model: a prebuilt 68% board with magnetic assembly and a whole ecosystem of modular cases. (Now with 10% off!)


DreaM117er shared his MagWave44, a Dactyl Skeleton derivative ergo split with magnetic tenting.

Ocreeb MK2

Salim Benbouziyane shared the files of his Ocreeb MK2, a modular macropad system exploring the idea of a custom magnetic connector that lets you attach all sorts of external modules.


The wireless unibody Duet is Evgenii Vilkov's latest keyboard project and travel companion.


Magnetic case and tenting for the Sweep keyboard: Msweep by Runningtarrens.


Beyblock20 – a modular magnetic macropad system by sporewoh.

Maglev mounting

Colfy's Shou65 is a keyboard with floating maglev plate/PCB.

Interchangeable tops

Keycaps with interchangeable tops posted by hunghingdailo.

Enki42: slim ergo keyboard

Enki42 is a slim ergo split keyboard by aroum2 with Choc spacing.

Magnetic layout prototyping

Going low profile: adjustable keyboard with magnets by key-yack.

Magnetic switch

Another magnetic switch design, this time by UFIOES. Based on the AT&T switch.

Hall effect sound test

A sound test of riskable's Hall effect keyboard introduced in KBD Issue 5.

Screwless case with magnets

This teaser by typemaster_works gives you an idea how to make a screwless mounting with magnets.

Riskeyboard70 PCB

Riskeyboard70 by riskable: - Fairly uncommon features like 3D printed 'parametric' Hall effect switches, magnetically stabilized stabilizers, LED output (!) - just to name a few. This showcase of ideas is from another planet.