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Matías v1.0

An open-source ortholinear keyboard: Matías v1.0 by nstrappazzonc.


FAW36 is a wireless ortho split by gpem, using XIAO BLE controllers.


The SatPad (formerly: Cupcake) is an open-source 30% ortholinear keyboard/macropad designed by quirk.

Ghoul keybooard

The Ghoul by tzarc is a Planck-like ortho but also a development board for QMK.


Cedutus created Kebu, a new Blackpill ortholinear PCB with multiple layout alternatives including 4 or 5 row options.

Ortho Bakeneko65

StickersDrgn designed and shared a custom ortholinear-ish PCB to fit a Bakeneko65 case.


A 4x10 ortho with a rotary encoder and LCD: freaku4X by sporewoh.

Model D

Recreating the Model F look and feel: the Model D is a 40% Buckling springs keyboard built by crahamson.


This open-source split ortho PCB by Cedutus, named after a Finnish dish, is called Lihis.


The BFY-1 (the beefy one) by bad1o8o is a 18x6 ortho with case STLs.

Wooden Alps keyboard

A wooden keyboard by the5andmany with Alps switches and hand-filed switch plate.


Telzo2000's cool640, this ortho macropad/split supports controllers with both Pro Micro and Pico footprint.

Ortho Protozoa P02

smellycoat made an ortholinear PCB to fit a Protozoa P02 case – with a giant knob.

Lighting controller cyberdeck

A portable DMX lighting controller posted by aleigh9812.

1800-ish wooden ortho

An 1800-style ortho board by MetaWhirledPeas, hand made from a solid piece of poplar from Home Depot.


Subrezon's la_nc is a Pro Micro based 42-key ortholinear keyboard.


Zealousideal's Kiboard68 is a 60% handwired ortho with numpad.


Christian Lo's banime40 is a versatile ortho PCB with 24 possible layouts.


The Gherkin++ is bgkendall's approach to augment the classic 3x10 layout.


This TypeMatrix may be the first keyboard using the term "ortholinear". (Not the first ortho one ofc.)


OK35 is a split ortholinear keyboard designed by Y2ff – with exposed through-hole diodes arranged nicely at the top.


A clean ultra-low profile ortho split design by @ak1_foo – with Kailh X-switches and only 7.3mm overall height.

Penkesu deck

Penkesu is a retro-style cyberdeck by penkia with a wide screen and a built-in low-pro ortho keyboard with "dye-sub" MBK caps.

X-2: a Lumberjack-style ortho

A Lumberjack-inspired ARM-powered 5x12 ortho by Richard Goulter, compatible with the GH-60 case.

PD40 ortho

The PD40 is a 40% handwired wireless ortho by Peter Dye – with case files and build log.