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Mikefive, a Kailh PG1316S keyboard

Mike Hölscher aka dynam1keNL presents you the unibody split mikefive, this work-in-progress super-thin keyboard built around Kailh's PG1316S notebook switches.


A split ortholinear keyboard with on-board MCU: PICCTRL - 0xLM by Lluis Merlos Pieri.

PHNX keyboard

Sinisha Stojchevski's PHNX is a unibody split keyboard with on-board MCU.


The NewType-36 by Protieusz is a derivative of the nowt36 – with trackball.


A modular keyboard prototype for full VIK experience: Trio by zzeneg.


Mike Barnoski published his first open-source keyboard: the minimal split BR/KN with trackballs on both sides.


Wysteria is jwe's split keyboard with lots of features.

Kai Simple

Kai H. Chang's next design is the low-profile wireless Kai Simple split.

Masonry keyboard

The Masonry by dj_edit is another ergoish columnar keyboard projected on a rectangular keyboard shape.


Dane Lipscombe's Tamatama is a 28-key Dactyl derivative with dual trackballs.

ErgoDox 76 Hot Dox V2 review

The ErgoDox Hot Dox is another reinterpretation of a classic design by Alpaca Keyboards. What was once the go-to DIY split kit with a hallmark thumb cluster, comes now pre-built, in a refreshed hotswap version and in a stunning acrylic case.

Kai Ascend

Ascend is a cute split keyboard designed and shared by Kai H. Chang.


Sneftel's Gull v1 is an ergo unibody split with keywell and unique thumb cluster.


MReavley's split Rzr36 is the BLE Choc version of his earlier Slice36.


Chris Lo's rattlemebonez32 is a 32-key unibody pocket keyboard with minimal Choc spacing, CH552 MCU and FAK firmware.


The Cornball by Protieusz is a heavily modified Cornelius – with an integrated trackball and some LEDs.

Ergohaven K:02 PCB

With the release of the PCB, the K:02 by Ergohaven is completely open sourced now.


Daniel Bauer's wireless split Corax54 ditches one key of his previous model.

Corne V4

The Corne V4, this latest iteration of foostan's iconic split, comes with on-board MCU.

Silli41 & Silli18

Squalius-cephalus shared the Reviung-derivative monoblock Silli41, along with its numpad companion.


Sandalmoth published the Powerspill, a Dactyl-like split with keywell.

Dance! keyboard

Dance! is a wireless-only split keyboard by chase-hunter.


A 20-key minimal split: Pepesweep by Volodymyr Petiushka. Low profile, wireless, open source.


Sporewoh is back with yet another monoblock split pocket keyboard: the $5(!) idawgz32.

LYNXware CAT review

The CAT by LYNXware is an incredible input device with a great potential. That said, you'll need some time to get accustomed to the custom software, the terminology, 22 thumb keys – and mouse switches!