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The wireless vertical split Clavert is a handwired keyboard by stvneads.


Zazu is a unibody split keyboard by AlSaMoMo with some extra features.


The TSBYM is a custom ESP32 wireless split keyboard by cgxeiji, now with trackpads.


Robert Walker's Eskarp is a handwired split keyboard with TPS65 touchpad.


A 3D-printed handwired monoblock split by 70rch: torch0.


Musubi is nightzombie1's attempt at making a keyboard with Kailh X switches.


The Fulcrum is a 20-key keyboard with horizontal 5-way switch joysticks – designed by ghostfaceschiller.

Another Owl

Yet another 5x3 + 3 split keyboard and another going by the name Owl. This time by protoplancton.


An ErgoDox-ish but asymmetric split keyboard by valpackett: ErgoNICE.


The Pohjola Works Sotka is an ortholinear split keyboard with an optional extra row.


The PicaChoc36 is a low-profile split keyboard for short pinkies. Shared by zzeneg.


The Arduino-based Mouseky, designed by Taliyah Huang, has an integrated mouse.


Cheapis is a cheap single-MCU Ferris/Sweep alternative by PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME.


BumWings is a unibody ergo keyboard by tubbytwins. Another board based on the RP2040 Zero controller.


KeyboardDweebs' open-source Quetzal is not the usual 100% keyboard you'd expect.

Pierce 2.0

Pierce 2.0 is a semi-wireless split by durken1.

TypeSafe with joystick

Tewtham added a joystick to his vertical TypeSafe keyboard.


Ostrich – a diodeless monoblock keyboard with splayed pinky columns by keyboarddweebs.

Atreyu V2

New year, new Atreyu. Rev2 with choc spacing by jcliment.

KLOR KS-27 switch edition

Sadek Baroudi shared his KLOR variant with KS-27 switches.

Pangaea released

More than a year after the announcement, Pangaea 1.2 with its notoriously flexible layout has been released.

Fusion with supercap

Fusion by steven4012 updated with a supercap and solar charging.

Luna keyboard

Luna is a 30-key open-source wireless split by Mindhatch – with splay.

The Slant

The Slant – a wireless split keyboard shared by darsor.

Mask keyboard

The mask-2.0.0 by madbadmax is a 4x6 split keyboard with Cherry MX-ULP switches.