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Corneish split by danns87

A Corne-like choc-spaced unnamed split with custom case – designed by danns87.


FAW36 is a wireless ortho split by gpem, using XIAO BLE controllers.


Andrew Rae's rae-dux, a 36-key wire- and diodeless split keyboard, built by melze.

Low profile Dactyl

IncBLB has built a low profile Dactyl designed by omurovex.


The second keyboard design by _GEIST_: KLOTZ – a 34-key wireless low-pro split.


Jamie Ding published the files of his Mercury, a wireless split keyboard with classic staggering.

Hand-wired wireless 30%

A pretty unconventional handwired wireless noname 30% perpetrated by frozeninfate.

LHM keyboard

Max published a video on designing and building his 26-key minimalistic split, the LHM keyboard.

Project Mammoth

A successor to the elephant42, 🦣 by @illness072 is on a whole new level in many ways.

Custom unibody split

A custom 3D-printed unibody split keyboard by justsunone – with video tour.

Swept Corne

A wireless-only cross between the Sweep and the Corne: Swept Corne by Additional-Stock3711.

Dactyl TypeSafe

This wireless vertical Dactyl TypeSafe was designed and shared by tewtham.


The wireless gurt-portable is Gurtmail's first keyboard design.

First Hummingbird of the season

A wireless Hummingbird by filibustercrankcase sporting a Seeeduino Xiao BLE controller.


Tony Jeffree's MiniNova is a cute 30% staggered keyboard with exposed diodes.


Strayer released his first keyboard – the Taira. A split low-profile wireless keyboard inspired by the Ergodash and Corne Chocolate.

PD40 ortho

The PD40 is a 40% handwired wireless ortho by Peter Dye – with case files and build log.

Skean keyboard

The Skean by Alexander Krikun is an open-source wireless MX/Alps split with onboard controller.


Files of the Nijuni, a wireless-focused Corne-like split with more aggressive stagger, were released by Alexander Krikun.

Split bluetooth keyboard

TerranceN made a split Bluetooth 36-key keyboard with self-milled PCB.

Roost keyboard

Tweaking the Sweep v2.1, forrestbaer came up with the wireless Roost keyboard.

The Midge

This is what was left after jamesmnw kept cutting things away.

Wireless solar board

A wireless keyboard that never has to be plugged in. Committed by SouthPawEngineer.


Source files of Tweetydabirdie's DaNumPad are available on GitHub.

Dragon keyboard

Dragon keyboard by ManufacturedAcumen.