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Abomination v1.2

A Choc-spaced Corne with XIAO controllers: Abomination v1.2 by OrangeCrusader.


Sporewoh's babbit36 is an ultraportable wireless ortholinear keyboard.

Lütt un Lütt

A cute split ortholinear keyboard by weteor: Lütt un Lütt.


The wireless vertical split Clavert is a handwired keyboard by stvneads.


Engikeeb is an experimental ultra-low-cost approach to keyboard design – by customMK.


The TSBYM is a custom ESP32 wireless split keyboard by cgxeiji, now with trackpads.


The PicaChoc36 is a low-profile split keyboard for short pinkies. Shared by zzeneg.


The Arduino-based Mouseky, designed by Taliyah Huang, has an integrated mouse.

Pierce 2.0

Pierce 2.0 is a semi-wireless split by durken1.

Luna keyboard

Luna is a 30-key open-source wireless split by Mindhatch – with splay.

The Slant

The Slant – a wireless split keyboard shared by darsor.


wEnki44 is a wireless version of the split Enki42, published by aroum.

Designing for Wireless

Pete Johanson, keyboard designer and creator/project lead of the ZMK firmware, offers some guidance for keyboard designers new to wireless designs.


The swweeep is an open source, wireless only split keyboard with nice!view support. Committed by sadekbaroudi.


The Kiai-Split by jammerkiai is an open-source 34-key keyboard using XIAO BLE controllers.

Borne V1

Synthetic00 has introduced Borne, this cute wireless split which is low profile and open-source.


A wireless unibody split by Ladniy & Shiren: TK44.

Split Banana

The wireless Split Banana by dapperrogue is another take on his Banana macropad.


Kretsträd is a Seeeduino Xiao BLE based 34-keys split keyboard by wj-zhe – running ZMK.

Corneish split by danns87

A Corne-like choc-spaced unnamed split with custom case – designed by danns87.


FAW36 is a wireless ortho split by gpem, using XIAO BLE controllers.


Andrew Rae's rae-dux, a 36-key wire- and diodeless split keyboard, built by melze.

Low profile Dactyl

IncBLB has built a low profile Dactyl designed by omurovex.


The second keyboard design by _GEIST_: KLOTZ – a 34-key wireless low-pro split.


Jamie Ding published the files of his Mercury, a wireless split keyboard with classic staggering.