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Making the Keeb68

A great photolog by SandwichRising on making a custom PCB and wooden case.


How to make a wooden wrist rest

A photolog of making a wrist rest by lawndartdesign.


Slide mount wooden case

With minimal experience, eBay scrapwood, popsicle sticks and a hand saw bruh-iunno made his own wooden case.


Walnut keyboard

Next revision of the wooden keyboards by priceT00High.


Handwired build

A handwired build by scissor_rock_paper featuring an IO port expander.


Custom handwired split

A custom handwired keyboard by llpamies with build gallery.


Laser cut custom keycaps

Laser cut custom wooden keycaps by jere344.


CorkBoard60 prototype

The CorkBoard60 is a prototype by carvallegro - of cork.


DIY 60% wooden case

DIY 60% Wooden case with photolog by Trinnsennn.


Unnamed monoblock

An unnamed monoblock split keyboard by UmmUhhhShit.


Wooden, handwired

A wooden, handwired keyboard project by ketcha_.


Wooden custom

This wooden custom by priceT00High keeps growing.

Wooden monoblock split

This wooden monoblock split by Libano23 features a pseudo-PCB (photolog).

Operating wooden keyswitch

The artisan keyswitch by BitchassSixtyNine in action.

Giant macropad

A wooden macropad for NovelKeys Big Switches with pen tray. Committed by AuthenticDanger.

A fixed-angle split from plywood

AM96: a monoblock split from plywood by berkstone with Easel files.