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Behind the Scenes of Issue 33

Split database - search by tag. Issue 32 follow-up. Top 5 posts. Future plans / priority list.
Published July 4, 2021
Creators! Feel free to tip me off about your keyboard related projects to bring them to 100K readers.


Hm. It seems many builders went on holiday since there was practically not a single keyboard related project published this week, at least not the kind I usually like to feature: open source ones with detailed description. I didn't want to feature meme-projects but I had to this time.

Split database

I've been working on the new filter/search interface which utilizes all the tags instead of a few categories. You can now filter all the split keyboards by any combination of the tags.


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If you can't afford supporting this project, don't worry, I might publish parts of these write-ups later.

Btw, the full story is 5500+ characters long and you can read it at:

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Published on Sun 4th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #33 (source).


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