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Buy me a dragon!

Do you like dragons? I do. And this month I'm saving up for one (not really).

Support my work — and my family's dragon-owner ambitions — directly through PayPay,, or here are some buttons to help you:


$5 $15 $30 $99 custom

Donate $15 now! 😀

Don't forget to check the recurring donation box over at PayPal if you want to become a regular monthly supporter! (After all, I'll have to feed those dragons. Yeah, it's plural now. I might build an army of dragons to rule the world help me with this project.)

Why dragons? The coolness of dragons is undisputed. I've always wanted one and my kids would be extremely happy to have one (or two) around the house too.

Without the helping hand (paw?) of dragons, remains a one-man-show. And, being not just free but also ad-free, this project's survival is entirely in the hands of generous readers and supporters like you — and now the size of the dragon workforce too.

In fact, the more I think about dragons the more essential they seem to run a webzine like Just imagine how much a single dragon could help with all the researching, editing and coding. And the more of them, the better.

You may say, well, with Covid-19 and the supply chains broken, sourcing a dragon is pretty hard. But where there's a will there's a way.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at: info at

If you don't feel like supporting this project with real money yet, here's a list of other options to help.

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