Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Contact & Contribute

Hey, I'm Tamas Dovenyi – the dude running this blog.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to report any errors/typos, would like to send me something or if you have anything newsworthy, e.g. a missing meetup from the database, a cool keyboard design you created, or other keyboard related projects I could feature.

Contact options

  • Email for keyboard stuff is info at golem dot hu.
  • u/dovenyi on Reddit.
  • dovenyi#4481 on Discord – I check this once a day.
  • @KbdNews on Twitter

What to submit?

If you'd like your project to get featured, and brought to 100K visitors a month, I'm constantly looking for:

  • original keyboard designs (preferably open-hardware projects but closed-source ones too)
  • new products, innovations in the keyboard hobby/industry
  • tips, tools, software solutions, new keycap profiles, controllers, typing games, etc.
  • commercial products as well – just ping me, we'll figure out something.

What NOT to submit?

  • I rarely feature GBs or ICs with only renders, it has to be really special (e.g. a new keycap profile).
  • I don't feature mere builds of others' keyboard designs.

Pic: Some of the keyboards you sent me. Thanks!

Some of the keyboards you sent me. Thanks!


Unfortunately, I can't turn a single photo seen on twitter into a post. To be able to feature your project I'll need at least:

  • Name of the project/keyboard
  • Designer/author's name or nick
  • Description/details/specification of the project/product.
  • At least one cover photo/image for the post (possibly about 8:6 - 16:9 aspect ratio, default is 1200px wide)
  • Optionally: Links to more resources (github, blog entry, gallery, etc.)

Best practices

  • Github repo for project files and description
  • Extra gallery on imgur. (Don't send photos in email please.)
  • Video on Youtube (this is the cleanest option for embedding imo, everything else I tried sucks.)
  • 3D files: Whatever your go-to platform is.

Pic: I do hoard vintage keyboards… (2022)

I do hoard vintage keyboards… (2022)

That's it. Thanks in advance.