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Behind the Scenes of Issue 55

Testing the Adafruit KB2040, CircuitPython and KMK. New guides. I won again. Giveaway & Issue #54 follow-up. BMC chaos.
Published December 6, 2021

KB2040, CircuitPython & KMK

As I mentioned last week, Adafruit sent me a free sample of their new KB2040 controller.

The Keeboar was published on Thursday I guess and by the next Monday (2-3 working days) it has crossed the Atlantic, took a short trip in Germany and landed in my mailbox. Or I should say the courier put it in the hands of my wife because the tiny board was put in such a huge envelope that it didn't fit in my mailbox. :D

All in all, I spent the next few days playing with the KB2040, CircuitPython and KMK, figuring out things, troubleshooting and writing memos and guides to make this process easier for you and myself the next time I'll do this.


The first one is a very minimalist and straightforward approach, listing the necessary steps in bullet points:

For those who like a slower pace, prefer more explanation, or simply ran into an error and need some help with debugging, here is the more comprehensive guide:


This is exclusive or early-access content for my regular supporters (members) on BMC.

If you can't afford supporting this project, don't worry, I might publish parts of these write-ups later.

Btw, the full story is 4,600+ characters long and you can read it at:

Published on Mon 6th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #55 (source).

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