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Kailh Box Mute Jade switch review

Kailh Box Mute Jade switches reviewed by u/ThereminGoat and others.
Published February 7, 2022
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Silent clicky. Taste these words.

Of all of the strange switch ideas that I’ve heard tossed into the wind in jest over the past few years of collecting and interacting within the community, “silent clicky” switches have got to be one of my favorite memes to throw out there – ThereminGoat.

Despite the paradox, Kailh Box Mute Jades are here. And as always, ThereminGoat doesn't spare on word count. Read the full write-up here:

First announced on June 22nd of 2021, priced at $16.20 per 36 switches (or $0.45 per switch) as of writing this, the Box Mute Jades appeared on Novelkeys' website.

With 82g silver (bottoming out) spring, grey- (and not green!) colored box stem, and muting mechanism, these switches differ from the normal Kailh Box Jade switches on almost all but one point: 3.6 mm total travel distance.

For those who prefer videos over reading, here is another review by clackattack:

And here are some highlights form ThereminGoat's original article:

the stem central pole region appears to be not only significantly thicker in diameter than other MX style switches, but much more flat and shorter as well.

With regard to the intended sound of the Box Mute Jades, they are hardly recognizable as a ‘muted jade’ when comparing the two switches.

To put it all too bluntly, the general hype and fanfare around the Kailh Box Mute Jades prior to shipping simply did not quite live up to their performance I had envisioned for them when in hand.

Do I think it has significant potential to be improved in the years ahead to provide something truly unique? Absolutely, yes.
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Published on Mon 7th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #64 (source).


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